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Sunday! My one and only day off from work! We usually just stay home these days. Today was an exception. Due to her absolute need for a haircut, my daughter scheduled a salon visit. She told me that she found a promo. Companion gets 50% off from services, so off I went with her. Who wouldn't like a discount, right? 🤣😂

I honestly am not a fan of salon visits. I'm pretty okay with home service from our hairdresser, who likes to trim my hair too short. I like it that way, I guess. Plus, there are no upsell or hidden costs. Salon visits take too long, IMO. Two to three hours is a bit much for me. But hey, I'm here to accompany my daughter, so this is also a kind of bonding time for us. 😂🤣 In all honesty, the #newabnormal is unacceptable. It's like something straight out of sci-fi, except it's very real.

Waiting can be a drag, so I decided to make it a little fun. LOL! 🤣😂 I might as well make it a bit amusing. I think my daughter likes this kind of self-pampering. Nothing wrong with that. I'm not much into this lifestyle though I enjoy the bonding moments. 😁😁

And yes, it's pretty customary locally to start anticipating the Christmas season, even before Halloween has even arrived. It's pretty silly, if you ask me. 🙄🙄

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Ha ha ha ha Christmas already? Dear Lord, help me! We have not even had Halloween yet & Walmart is already screaming about Christmas trees. Like NO .... lol 😂🤣

I am glad you were able to have some bonding time with your daughter. That's really the most important thing out of all of it. I admit, I liked the occasional pampering session occasionally (more the mani/pedi - not fake nails though) but now I am a bit less inclined to do so. Going out and doing these things are more of a pain in the butt now. I still might do a pedi eventually because it really relaxes me, but we will see.... You look great, btw! That color suits you :)

Yeah, not a big fan of this "Not Normal No Way In Hell In My World" public scenario. We don't have the face shields yet, thank God, so hopefully that won't happen but they are all about the masks here....we will see how it goes. Regardless, we can't let it stop us from living. We are here to enjoy life!! :)

Love you, girl & I hope the beginning of the week starts off great for you! :) Big hugs! 💜😘

The Christmas part is a bit over the top at the moment. I'm not planning on any more public hangout esp 'coz of the #newabnormal. It's just not as fun as it used to be with all the regulations. Just got to find a place with less stress 😂🤣

The bonding time is the best part. We used to have more fun 😂🤣 now, we're just enjoying what we could. It's just crazy to always be wearing face masks in public that I'd rather be at home and breathe more normally 😂🤣

I hope your week starts out great as well! 🤗🤗 always take care!

PS. Love the Timmy videos 😻😻

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So glad that you got to have a day out with your daughter AND at a pampering session too! even better!

I can't quite see all of your haircut, but from what I can see it looks great!

It is weird to see that your mall is still open even though most of the shops are shut. All of ours are closed and it's only some of the businesses outside are open.

Do you have to wear both mask and shield? Over here it's just one or the other and I think that the shield is so much better cause atleast you can breath and see. My glasses get really foggy with a mask on.

I who never goes to the salon for hair/nails/etc as I am such a DIY girl, actually can't wait to go to a salon and get my shags shaped and coloured by a professional for once. This gray hair does NOT suit me at all and I'm far too young to have such gray, gray hair damn it! 🤣😡

I hope that you guys are having a wonderful weekend. ❤️

I'm glad for the bonding time too, but it wasn't as fun as before 😂🤣 the mask and the shield are no fun to wear while shopping or even having my hair done 😕😕

Yes it is weird esp. when quite a number of outlets are closed. I would prefer getting home service but my daughter likes trying out new places. I join her for the bonding time 🤣😂

Have a great week ahead! 😘😘

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Well I am glad that you guys had fun! 😀

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Interesting challenge. You're right: the new normal is abnormal. i created a music video about the new normal, about our challenging times and i'm curious to know what's your opinion about it.

Thanks for dropping by :) I'll check out your music video :)

After you check it, you can share your opinion in its comment section. Any feedback helps me improve my content.

Nice makeover with a mask on :)
It'd be a memorable occasion
In the years to come

i know right? 🤣😂🤣😂 i do wonder when o when we'll get to take it off for good 🙄🙄

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we've taken it off here already!
No1 cares anymore :)
But it's dangerous
Shouldn't be risking others' lives.
It'll be over someday!