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🎶 Just anothe manic Monday 🎶 remember that line from the song? Well, today was not only manic. It was outright freaky. It was as if after last week's hiatus (brought about by typhoon #UlyssesPH), everyone decided to come out, or in our case, clients were sending orders left and right. I actually almost missed my lunch break, and I was working from home. 🙄🙄

To add to that, our online orders also started arriving today!!! Yeah, they also missed last week's deadline. But they are finally here!! Ooppss got reviews to do, but I suppose that could wait for tomorrow. I'm already feeling a bit tired tonight.

A little consolation for working from home. This little one likes to stay close to humans. 😻😻

Lastly, I debated with myself on whether I would create a video for today or not. I guess we now know which side won. 😂🤣 I may look a bit haggard, but I guess today's lesson is "rest if you must, but don't you quit." Even our phone batteries need to be recharged, right?

I'll do easy tasks tonight, and leave some plans for tomorrow and the other days. Rest well! Good nighty from Manila!

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hello dear friend @iamraincrystal good afternoon
It's good that the orders for your business have arrived, Mondays are usually that way,
stay safe and take care dear friend
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

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At least all those orders will give a nice boost to the business Rosyel, and you got to work close to Bon, one thing I have reflected over is that all your cats have way bigger ears than here, my guess is that they need them to dissipate heat since it is warmer there, here our cats have smaller ears with more furr on them, and we have cold winters, thanks for sharing and rest well.

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