IAAC Day 77 | Rest if You Must, but Don't You Quit

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Happy Thursday! I needed to remind myself about today's title. It has been crazy busy at the workplace, mainly about the abrupt move and the adjustment to the new place. One thing is for sure, there are paper works that need to be fixed. Hmph! Totally inconvenient, esp given the current condition. Nope, I heard we just hit over 50K covid cases locally. Tough times, and yet my boss decided to move from the old workplace to a new one. Yeah right! I miss the old place with the terrace garden view. A bit of walk there relieves my stress. I called it cityscape, a perfect escape in the city. Now, I do have a nice city view. We're on the 27th floor. However, the terrace is no match for the terrace garden. I suppose the huge open space makes a big difference. Oh well!

Totally tiring at work. Lots of cleaning and arranging to be done. Not exactly part of my job, but I couldn't sit around while the others kept busy. I'm not that kind of person. LOL! I'm not too happy about the move, but well, it's not my call, so I go with the flow. It's part of work. And work pays the bills. Boohoo!

So glad for pets as they kinda gave me a lift, just watching them a bit this afternoon after work. Twilight was so sweet, even cozying up to me. Such stress relievers, our pets.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I better reserve my energy for more tasks at work tomorrow. For tonight, I have catching up with rest to do. See you for tomorrow's video. Have a fun day!

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Those cats are so cute, especially the one on your lap lol. Now you said you had to rescue him twice? I'd be curious to hear the story on that. :)

Yes, being in the hotel industry for years, the job would get exasperating at times. To counteract, I made a brief "Hotel Series" on my channel to put a comedic twist on it. I had to remove it from YouTube though since my work wasn't keen on it. Ooops ;) Maybe I will repost on 3Speak sometime to give you guys a laugh.

Lately, I have been going through a tough time & today is definitely better. So, I just allowed myself to rest (went to bed at 8pm last night) & it helped a lot. But, as you said, don't quit. I love the online business so much & it is nice the community is always still here when we need a moment to step back & take care of ourselves. :)

Still loving your videos, girl. I hope your new work place goes well & it isn't too nuts. The weekend is almost here so that will be something for you to look forward to! Sending love & pixie dust (the little that I have left lol)! 💚😘

Aww thanks so much for the pixie dust :) You better keep more for yourself as you'll need it too. I'm pretty sure everyone has a bit of it everywhere in the world :)

Yup, after this week, I'm totally in need of more rest. LOL! Wait & see... but I do reserve my energy for after work and online stuff, as it's my own I'm building. :D

Happy weekend to you! I hope you're feeling better now. Take care always :)

Happy weekend to you, too, girl! Yes, please do rest on your day off. You will feel so much better when you do. I am finally bouncing back a bit yay. But I still like to take a day over the weekend to rest & catch up on the household duties, which desperately need to be done LOL.

Have an amazing one!! You are the best! Take care :) 💛


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Nice video, and scaring view from the 27th floor... :)

I have taken today a longer rest by going to fishing... but, I couldn't afford the whole day... anyways, I count it as a rest :)

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I suppose any activity apart from one's daily routine could be considered rest. LOL! I seriously need more after this week! Happy weekend!