Sunday Visit To The Vet | IAAC 171st

So it was a rainy Saturday afternoon and evening as I was winding up another work week.

I'm unable to upload the video from home, so a screenshot would do for now. Thankfully, despite the rainy weather, I was still able to do my chores.

Video uploaded to LBRY:
Rainy Saturday Afternoon

Mowe and the kittens in their carrier as we waited our turn at the Animal House Clinic earlier. So glad that cat mom and kittens are well-behaved. Cat and kittens were dewormed and prescribed a vitamin supplement. We were asked to go back in a month's time for vaccination. Oh boy, kitties will now be part of the monthly expenses. 🤔🤔

Took a short clip earlier, but I can't upload here. Must be a slower connection at home. Anyway, I was glad it wasn't such a long wait. Cat carrier seems a perfect fit too for Mowe and her kittens. 😺😺

image source:

Rainy Sunday, so no working in the garden today. Glad the rain stopped during our vet visit. It has continued raining once we got home.

I'm on a relaxed mode for now, taking a break in between chores. 😉👍🏼 That's it for this Sunday afternoon. I'll see you for tomorrow's video. Ta-tah!

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