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This is it! It's the 100th day of my IAAC video. Just leave a comment below for your Hive prize plus you will be entered in a raffle together with the other participants for a chance to win 10 Hive. It's my way of giving back for this milestone of 100 days of doing #iamalivechallenge videos. Deadline will be when my next video comes out tomorrow. It will be Sunday, so it will be a late night video. I hope you'll join in.

It's a rainy day in the city. I showed a video from the terrace of my workplace. I'm thankful to have been so lucky to miss the downpour twice today.

Just when I thought that all is well and quiet, find out what being a cat mom is like. It's a #caturday, so this is very timely. Find out who the culprit is on today's major UH-OH happening! Tsk tsk...

Happy Saturday! I better get this video up and running, as I still have chores to catch up on. I'll see you for tomorrow's video! Ta-tah!

This challenge is inspired by @flaxz. Thank you to CTP tribe and the HIVE community.

Four points to join the #IAmAliveChallenge :

Tell the world that you are alive in a video, photo, and publish on Hive.

Use tags #iamalivechallenge and #hiveisalive

Share your post on Twitter and other social media.

Celebrate your victory every day.

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Wow congratulations

thank you for joining in :)

Congratulations on your 100th IAAC video, Rosyel! You have done a great job! I have to admit that I didn't have time to watch them all, but I have watched a lot of them...

And this one was like an action movie... Cat jumping on your screen window... After that saving a little kitten of a "certain death" running into the neighbor's apartment... :)

Have a great weekend! Keep on inspiring others!

LOL so true. Cats rule on this 100th edition. It's never boring in a cat mom's life 😂🤣 ahhh the joys we get when they're behaving well though 😁😁

Thank you. A lot of you fellow CTP members inspire me to keep doing videos 😉👍

Enjoy your weekend!

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Great to see you alive and well Rosyel, and a big congratulations for your day 100 with the #IAmAliveChallenge, and it's an amazing raffle you have initiated here, and wow those cats and Bashful lol, thanks a lot for sharing and for all that you do for this challenge, and stay safe, awesome and alive.


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Thank you so much for the support!!! 🤘🤘🤘 you rock!!!

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You're welcome Rosyel! Enjoy your day! 😀

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#IAmAliveChallenge share your gratitude for being alive on the Hive blockchain

Congrats on doing 100 days, really great achievement.

Thank you for joining in :) Watch out for the raffle later!

Youre welcome. Will try to watch out for the raffle. 😀

Congratulations with your 100th day milestone. Watching your video made me miss Philippines, I have been there twice. I hope I will be able to return there and meet all of my friends down there.

Cool that you have been here in the Philippines twice. Well, travel isn't all back to normal yet. But it would be lovely if you could visit once again when all is well. It may take awhile though. Thanks for joining in :)

Congrats om making it to the century mark in your #IAmAliveChallenge, Rosyel.

Sounds like another celebration will be coming up soon when you hit your anniversary. Keep on keeping on.

Thank you for joining in. I received my first anniversary badge! Now it's official. WooHoo! :)

Wow! 100 days is quite an achievement. Congratulations.

Thank you so much. Also thanks for joining in. :) Raffle will be featured later on my late night video :D

Congrats on your 100 Day of #iamalivechallenge - Keep up the good work

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Thank you so much for joining in :)

I am so happy you came to the challenge and 100 days is a milestone for sure. I remember almost a year ago when you helped me out so much when I first started here. Thank you. And here is to another 100 days.


Thank you so much for joining. I'm happy to see you doing so well :) Yeah, I remember what it was like starting out. LOL! It could be quite frustrating when you're starting out, but we keep trying :) That's priceless! Happy weekend :)

Big congrats to your day 100 with the #IAmAliveChallenge Rosyel, and a 23 minute video is definitely a sign that you are way more comfortable in front of the camera these days, and Bashful lol, ripping the screen and getting bashed for it, he should have his own account @bashful, it's not taken yet, Adventures Of Bashful, and a great initiative with your raffle and the giveaway, keep up your great work and stay, safe, awesome and alive.

LOL! It's the cat/s that's why my videos would sometimes be so long. They sure bring some funny moments. I suppose Bashful thought he could hasten the fixing of the screenwindows. I've been thinking of having them fixed. Now, I really need to work on it. Teehee. I'm really glad you came up with the IAAC community. It has been so helpful for so many folks. Happy weekend! :)


Woo hoo!! Congratulations on the 100th Day on the IAAC! I am so proud of you & your videos are getting better & better. ;)

OMG!! Your screen door !!! 🤣😂 But since you didn't like how it was installed, maybe it was a blessing in disguise ... sorta? lol. And man, I heard him meowing like crazy after that happened. I wonder if it is a cat thing.... look what Timmy did to mine 🤣😅


Yeahhhh... lol Your cats were sensing the coming Full Moon, I think lol.

YES! You are speaking my language when it comes to not understand the "sheep" out there. I have been speaking out so much more the past couple of months (maybe almost too much) but I don't like seeing people just follow things blindly & not use critical thinking. We see so much of that in the world! BUT on the flip side, more people are waking up, which is encouraging. So as long as we spread awareness & plant the seeds in our own way, I believe the world can eventually change for the better.

You are smart in limiting the news, too. It's good to know what's going on, but limiting helps your psyche. Let's continue to empower ourselves. :)

Loved this video, girl! Keep shining your light out there. You inspire me so much. Love you! 💖 🧚🏼‍♀️🙌

Oh boy! So it is a cat thing. LOL! Funny I noticed Bashful looking up the window. Thought he was eyeing some small insects he wanted to pounce on. Little did I know it was the window screen he was eyeing. I think he was also shocked after what he did. He ran under the bench and hid for as long as he could. Smart cat!

The thing with sheep, our crazy old president was saying he wasn't kidding when he said the public could disinfect with gasoline. I'm actually waiting for the news that some sheep actually took his advice and endangered himself. He's mean if that was his intention. Like intentionally harming others who would be so dumb. Harumph!

Empowering ourselves is one way to survive all the mad happenings in the world today. And yes, I do notice more folks waking up. One of our building guards was telling me he doesn't believe in the whole covid thing anymore. I suppose some ordinary folks are really slowly getting it.

Funny how it turned out into a long and amusing video.. thanks to my cats. I'm kinda enjoying being a cat mom now. LOL!

Have a great weekend! :)

Congrats Rosyel (@iamraincrystal) on your 100th post for #IAAC

Thank you for joining in. I'm happy to have reached such a milestone. Enjoy your journey! Happy weekend :)

Congratulations you made it to the 100th day of your IAAC video. Awesome video you've got. There are more 100th of days ahead of you.

Happy New Month to you.

Happy new month too! I'm happy I've reached 100 days of doing videos, to think that I'm more of a behind the cam person. LOL! Enjoy your journey! Happy weekend :)


I’m always in for winning stuff 😆

But hey, really awesome that you are already on your 100th I am alive challenge post. They were all in video format as well? That is awesome!

Cats can be a handful I have heard. I’ve never had a cat myself. They can have quite a bit of character right? 🤣

LOL! You are so right about cats. They all have different personalities. There isn't a dull moment with them around. I'm a rather new cat mom, just a little over a year, when four little kittens found their way into our flat and into our hearts. Now, they're all grown cats and we're taking care of the second generation.

And yes, for someone who wasn't too fond of doing videos, I have reached a 100-day milestone. Teehee. Thank you for joining in. Happy weekend! :)

Awesome job getting to day 100 of the I Am Alive Challenge. This is a great accomplishment and I hope to see you for 100 more. You make very good video's I have seen many of them and you seem very comfortable in front of the camera. Keep up your great work.

Thank you. I'm glad I've reached a milestone. Funny that I enjoyed doing the videos, even though I prefer being behind the cam.. really! I suppose that's 'coz I could be quite talkative at times, being a former teacher by profession. LOL! Glad you joined in. Happy weekend! :)

Congrats, @iamraincrystal! I've just begun my journey here on #Hive, and I'm already amazed by every initiative and the support of the communities, to and from the users. This platform is truly alive!

thank you :) glad you could join in :)

That's a great testimony for the effectiveness of the #iamalivechallenge for those who have run with it. It seems like a long time ago now when it was launched, right at the beginning of the first lockdown... Well done for taking the challenge and using it to step out of your comfort zone and find new motivation.

I really am so glad I took the #iamalivechallenge :) I hope it inspires more people too :)

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