Why I Hate Mondays | IAAC 172nd

Whoa! Hate is a strong word. It usually doesn't sound so good to "hate" anything. Well, it is what it is. We all have our reasons not to like Mondays. We've technically been conditioned not to like it. It's, after all, the first school day of the week. Plus, we all have a weekend hangover wherein we probably had such a fun time sleeping in or partying or going out for fun on the weekends. Mondays take us back to the realities of life.

First, let me share my short clip while waiting outside the vet clinic yesterday. I couldn't upload the video from home. Must really be the slower Internet connection.

Cat mom Mowe and the kittens seem ok. They were well-behaved while at yhe clinic. We're scheduled to be back next month for their vaccinations.

Back to the topic on Mondays, we can't go through life simply hating on Mondays. Why? Because there's not much that we could do about it. Whether we like it or not, Mondays will come. We can, however, change our attitude towards Mondays.

So instead of dwelling on hating or disliking Mondays, I did share some insights on how to combat this attitude. I do love my simple home container garden. It's a work in progress, but I look forward to visiting it daily. 😉👍🏼

As a bonus, here's a close up of Gab, the tiniest and only female of Mowe's litters.

Gab is such a cutie little kitten. I do hope she gains more weight eventually. Well, it's just about to rain heavily here. I'm quite glad to still be indoors. Hope the heavy downpour will be over once it's going home time. See you for tomorrow's video! Ta-tah!

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Happy Monday, sweetie. I love your videos :)

Yes, when I worked at the hotel, I always used to say "To have a Friday, we need a Monday!" It was one of those sayings that helped put me in the right mindset to start off the work week. Some weeks, I see Monday as a fresh new start & other weeks, well, I kind of start off sluggish lol. As you said, if we take it as it comes, it's usually better that way.

When we give ourselves something to look forward to every day, it really helps. Sometimes for me, it's just that awesome cup of coffee or a show I like...or talking with a friend. It depends on how my life is going at the time....we all have our ups & downs. The funny thing is I noticed the rougher times tends to make us more appreciative of the nicer times ;)

Hope the rest of your day went well & glad to see Mowe & her babies doing well. (Mowe looked super thrilled in the carrier ahhahah. I actually have a similar carrier for Timmy, only it's all black. lol)

Love you, girl...sending love & #pixiedust :) ❤️

Monday's almost ending here 😉👍🏼 hope you have a great one! 🎉🎉🎉

I'll share a bit of surprise with you tomorrow 😃😃

Anyway, it's true for me as well that some weeks seem that I'm bursting with energy. But some weeks I'm like feeling meh 🤣😂 no patterns.. At least not visible to me.. But it just happens. Right now I'm on a nostalgic mood. Perhaps it's 'coz it's that time of the year when I usually plan for the coming year. But with all that 2020 brought, I'm not sure what to plan for. 😂🤣 I'll slowly write things down and do a backtrack during the start of the lockdowns. That should remind me of what I need to work on.

It takes a lot of patience being cat mom. I'm learning much from the experience. I do wonder how cats in the wild manage, while house cats are complicated to care for. 😹😹

Time for bed. Take care! Talk soon 😘😘

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