#IAAC - Day 68 + #LukeIsAlive - Gamified version

#IAAC - Day 68:

Yes, i am happy to be alive.
Yeah, its monday, new week. Excited, may be.
Today, work was good, continued on my groundwork for the task in hand. Around 3pm, i did go to office. [again change of scenery].
After work, did my grocery shopping & came back home.
I did go out after 7pm, to do the remaining actifit steps.
Yes, i completed my 5000+ steps for the day.
Today is crypto monday webinar at 8pm EST ( that's 1am UK time).
Looking for some SUGR.🤣

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#LukeIsAlive - Gamified Version.

Today, we have live radio commentary of the scavanger hunt from listopia

🙇 Hello and welcome to listopia. We are here to witness the scanvanger hunt.
Weather is not that bad, a little cold though.

Today we have only 3 TE participants in the scanvanger hunt.
It will be challenging for luke to hide for a long time.

Players are out on their browsers and ready to play.

At the blow of the whistle, the hunt will begin.

The gaming referee, blows the whistle and the game starts

The first set of instructions are out. It's cruisinxhange.

The players have jumped on their browsers, and logged into cruisinxhange and started the surf.
Lots of clikady clakady is on. Wow, they have found luke on the 80th page. Folks - that's STRIKE ONE

Lots of cheers from the crowd.....

Next set of instructions are provided and its cupoftraffic

The players quickly jump back on their browsers, and logged into cupoftraffic and start the surf.
lots of clikady clakady. ohh yes, on the 48th page, luke is found - that's STRIKE TWO

Some more cheering!!!

New set of instructions are been circulated and its clicktrackprofit

players have jumped back on the browser and open the gauntlet and started clickady clakady again.
This was quick, as luke was found on the 20th page - BAM!! - that's STRIKE 3

Rumours have been circulating that luke is now panicking and have asked for a strategic time-out.
A 5 minute time-out has been provided to luke to come up with a better plan

It has been fun so far.


-- We will be back after the commercial break, don't change the channel ---- After 2 min ......


welcome back to the scavanger hunt live from listopia

2 more strikes left and the game is over.

Now that the timeout is over, a new set of instructions are been circulated. It's back to cruisinxchange.

Players are back on their browsers,and continue from where they left on cruisinxchange.
I hear lots of clikady clakady. This is taking a bit longer than expected, looks like luke's plan is working.
Ohh No, on the 160th page, luke is found - that's STRIKE 4

Bit of cheers and boo's are heard in the crowd...

One more strike left, lets hope luke can find a better place to hide.

Last set of instructions are been circulated, its back to cupoftraffic.
Ohh shoot, this may be end of luke.

Players are back on the browser, and start clikady clakady from where they had left.
Eureka, on the 98th page, luke is found - BAM! BAM! - that's STRIKE 5

The game is over. We have a winner....

Wow, what a thrilling game.

But, credit should also be given to Luke, with limited resources he tried his level best to hide, but sadly was found 5 times.

Trophy Page:

The trophy has been given to the winner!!

Ok Folks, Thats the end of the broadcast from listopia
Hope you enjoyed the game.
Don't forget to comment.

It's bye bye from listopia. Enjoy your rest of the day.

🤠 Want to know How Scavanger Hunt Work?

check the post done by @flaxz 👉 https://peakd.com/hive-196037/@flaxz/g8orf1wi78b 👈

See you tomorrow,

Farhad Kias

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Ahahaha that was awesome!!
I enjoyed the game commentary!
Very criative indeed!
Thank you so much for putting an extra effort on the post!

thank you for the comment.

Day 68 and counting

Once i complete 100 days in the IAAC challenge, i will stop displaying the count on my post. As i did for the lukeisalive contest.
It been a good run so far.
Thank you for the comment

hehehehehe... This is an interesting Luke Is Alive report :) Different, unique, entertaining... :)

But, can you beat yourself in the next one? :)

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I am not sure, but will try.
This was a spontaneous one, just went with the flow.

hahaha This is a good entertaining way of doing the Luke Challenge, keep crushing it my friend.

thank you.

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