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Today was a day full of podcasts:
In the morning I was a guest on a podcast that will be released in somewhere next week. We talked about how Covid has impacted businesses worldwide and in Suriname as well. Also how technology has prepared us to go digital, but during Covid we are being pushed over the edge, because there is no other way to run a business efficiently without making the change.

The second was our in between season podcast of the Loeki Di Show, more commonly known as the 'Brunings - van Charante' Podcast on Anchor.fm and Spotify. We've finished the first season (recording wise, not all podcasts are only yet) and now do a weekly sport news update on Facebook live for a local audience.

But podcasts were in Dutch, so I wont share them here, but I will share my first ever podcast I made in 2014, which was in English.
It was my first ever podcast with one of Suriname's most renown photographers @cryptoplu, who I have to get back on the blockchain as he hasn't posted since last year.

Also, I convinced my podcast partner Dion to have a look at Hive so we can look at the option to bring an English version of the podcast to @threespeak as well.

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Love you energy and consistency bro.

We’re glad to have you in our thriving global community.

‪HIVE 🙌 from London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿‬

Thanks bro!

I'm happy I get to vlog a little bit again and the current format really helps me making it easier to edit the videos.

And this time around, it is not daily vlogs just to vlog, there more purpose to it.

Thanks again for the support.
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