Peaks & Valleys But Alive

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Without question the last few weeks have been challenging for my family and me. Dealing with COVID is beyond anything I've experienced and I've gone through some rough bouts of flu bugs and other things that have kept me down for a bit in the past.

BUT! This has dragged on what seems foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

With all that said, I maintained some moments of clarity to at least read some tweets, visit posts on HIVE platforms and definitely read folks posts over at Noise.Cash.

Before I became ill, I was working hard to figure out how to get BNB over to the CUBDeFi platform so I can finally farm and stake the bLEO I had wrapped a while back. Most of it was self-explanatory because @BitcoinFlood wrote an amazing post that pretty much held your had through it.

Let me tell you though, when it came to the whole BNB part of things it became a nightmare for me. At the end of the day, I never gave up and as I have been inching my way to feeling better and with the help of the amazing HIVE community on Discord and Telegram they got me to the finish line last night.

My point is, that through all this ordeal; I went through the ebbs and flows without giving up on my challenges. I remain relentless.

I'm still struggling, so as much as I want to dive into the #3StepsNoExcuses excitement with my CTP Swarm family, I still have to take things slowly. We are scheduled to take another COVID test this weekend to see if it's finally all gone. YAY!!! Fingers Crossed...

My excitement for CTP, HIVE and everything that comes with it remains and I am so looking forward to growing, learning and succeeding in this world.

Finally, it's been a while since I contributed to the IAAC challenge. I've been doing my part to make sure we get The ALIVE TRIVE off the to that next level and we are so close!!!

This is my IAAC #9 and I AM ALIVE



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