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Hola amigos de la colmena. Soy una persona bendecida por tener vida, muchos de mis hermanos correntinos hoy no las tienen producto de esta afección, estoy muy agradecido con nuestro ¨creador¨ por mantenerme vivo; Contento de estar aquí con todos ustedes, y muy agradecido por todo el apoyo que me brindan cada día; Hoy estoy compartiendo mi video doscientos ochenta y nueve apoyando este esplendido reto de mi amigo:   @flaxz. #IAmAliveChallenge. #hivelsalive.

Hello friends of the hive. I am a person blessed to have life, many of my brothers in Corrientes today do not have it as a result of this condition, I am very grateful to our "creator" for keeping me alive; Glad to be here with all of you, and very grateful for all the support you give me every day; Today I am sharing my video two hundred and eighty nine supporting this splendid challenge from my friend:   @flaxz. #IAmAliveChallenge. #hivelsalive.

Estamos en el taller de los mobiliarios haciendo el video para comentarles las cosas que suceden acá, y lo que hacemos a diarios

We are in the furniture workshop making the video to tell you about the things that happen here, and what we do daily

Hace unos días les había comentado que no hemos estado vendiendo los mobiliarios, por suerte hoy tuvimos varias ventas, y para concretarlas tuvimos que hacer unas mejoras a las reposeras, con esas reformas pudimos vender dos de ellas, y el individual de los hela todos

A few days ago I had told you that we have not been selling the furniture, luckily today we had several sales, and to specify them we had to make some improvements to the chairs, with those reforms we were able to sell two them, and the individual of the hela all

Esta afección no nos permite olvidarnos de él, ya que continua creciendo día a día, hemos superado los 2.090.000 ¨afectados¨, por suerte el nivel de superación a la enfermedad también es alta, son más de 1.875.000, lo preocupante está en la cantidad de fallecidos, llevamos más de 51.360

This condition does not allow us to forget about it, since it continues to grow day by day, we have exceeded 2,090,000 "affected", luckily the level of overcoming the disease is also high, there are more than 1,875,000, the worrying thing is in the number of deaths, we have more than 51,360

Es imposible hacer el video y no nombrar a estos hivianos

It is impossible to make the video and not name these hivians

Invited to meet me: @laxyasaru
Invited to meet me:  @psimpson67
Invited to meet me:  @goofy420
Invited to meet me:  @raishmi
Invited to meet me:  @solymi


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Am happy to see you away from farm today.
Yeah, the furniture works is bought by those alive and not the dead.
Covid-19 really affected every part of the world and the number of deaths is alarming even when there are news on distributions of vaccines.
I believe that your government has ordered for vaccine(s) for its citizens?
Remain safe and skilled.
We'll support each other in our community and at hive at large.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello friend...
I am glad that you are able to sell the furniture...
The Covid19 is spreading here in India again...
Stay safe...

It is a shame what is happening in the world with this disease, now it turns out that a mutation that they call Californian appeared.

if luckily some furniture has been sold

thank you very much for this pleasant visit
have an excellent afternoon

congrats @jlufer on your 289th video for IAAC

I am glad to hear that you were able to make some furniture sales.

Yes, it is not a good picture to see that many people died and many are still suffering.
I am still optimistic that things will improve.

We in UK are still in lockdown, hopefully that will be eased in march.
Also got news, that auckland will go into lockdown from tomorrow for 7 days to contain the local spread. The numbers there are very low, but precautions like this, help save lives

take care and stay safe.

have a nice weekend.

Hello, @jlufer! Nice to be on one of your post. It is good to hear that you are fine and alive and for the grateful to the Creator. That's awesome.

It is also nice to see that you are having sales of your furniture; a good way to earning extra income.

Have a wonderful day.

hello @jlufer,
You you've made it in the spotlight with this post, congratulations!
Have a nice day

We thank God for your life and for protecting your family. Sorry about those losing their lives around you. Good that you had a lot of sales for the furniture. A good business day. Stay safe

@jlufer felicidades de ganar el Diario "Spotlight" de @iamalivechalleng. Vaya con dios y que tenga un buen fin de semana! Gracias para de esenar de mueblo.

Post compartido en mis redes sociales

Thank you for inviting me! I really enjoyed the video but there was something in the sound that made me go loco. Almost a sinus tone It could be that it was the machine or if you used a powerbank for the camera the frequency just hit the microphone.
Otherwise very nice video and also interesting!

Hello dear friend @solymi good afternoon. In these last days I am filming with a Samsun digital camera, which must be more than 15 years old, recently I changed the batteries, and they are not the original ones, I think that subsidence has to do with that
I really appreciate your opinion
have an excellent afternoon

Ah that makes sense! Thank you since I am a videographer I always want others to improve in video as well :)
I wish you and your loved ones a very noice weekend!

Enjoy the company of your loved ones, excellent weekend

Thank you so much for the mention! I am very glad that you were able to sell some of your chairs. The light is at the end of the tunnel my friend!! Stay safe peace and Love to Ya!!

It's a real pleasure dear friend
it is true what you say dear friend @ psimpson67 the light is always at the end of the road
I appreciate your kind words with all my heart

Great to see you alive and well @jlufer, and fantastic to see you in your workshop making furniture, and really great to hear that you got to sell some too, and good fortune ahead, thanks for sharing and stay safe, awesome and alive.

Made in Canva

- @flaxz - Admin/Moderator


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hello dear friends @iamalivechalleng good afternoon
I appreciate with all my heart the great support you give me to my work, if for a long time I was not selling anything, luckily now some have been sold
I take advantage to wish you a splendid afternoon

Good Morning, @jlufer! You're very welcome. Enjoy your day!😀

Made in Canva

- @lisamgentile1961 - Comment Moderator

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happy with the support you give me dear friend @andyjim
I take this opportunity to wish you an excellent weekend


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