How it's been going so far.

So it's been around 14 days that I've tried to consistently post and interact on this platform.
I've been entering some photography challenges and joining communities that I have stuff in common. I've also been actively playing Rising star and Cryptobrewmaster. For Rising star, I haven't invested anything, but time and I've seen growth. For Cryptobrewmaster I only invested hive to get the license, but other than that I've just been using the in-game currency that I received. I enjoy these for some unknown reason and I find myself spending so much time on them just watching them grow. My current goal is to save enough money to launch my first NFT on @nftshowroom. It's taking longer than I thought it would, but it's giving me enough time to think about what I want to do on this platform and what type of growth I want to achieve. I've seen some people consistently upvoting me and they're also a form of motivation to post daily knowing they see my stuff.
I'm looking forward to seeing how I grow in this community!

And now you get a totally unrelated picture to ease you out.



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