IAAC # 29 - Getting Sick Sucks

What's good brothers long time no see you around, a week to be precise. It really saddens me to get away from the rodeo for so long, believe it or not, a week lost in crypto could be compared to a month given the fast pace this space is moving. The catching up part is the one that annoys me the most yet here we are alive and having the chance to come back.

As for my sickness. I've been dealing with some stomach issues, colics, a little fever, and itching in my throat. Getting better though.

I'm really amazed to see hive price at .35 and $Leo breaking the $1 barrier. Good times are coming ahead so we must enjoy the ride. See you mates.


hello dear friend @ jonsnow1983 good night
I'm very sorry that you have been absent so long, the good thing about this is that he is back and in better health
have a beautiful night dear friend