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This is Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 and my day #134 of Erik Gustafsson's @flaxz
#IAmAliveChallenge -- #HiveIsAlive

Day #72 of #IAmEngaged

Erik, who is known as @flaxz on the blockchain, started this challenge to provide those of us who are taking it on with an opportunity to embrace gratitude for being alive and able to be here thriving on Hive during this crazy time around the world. It is also a great way to practice consistency for growing our businesses and brands online here on the blockchain and other places on the internet.

View Erik's original post at the link below:

Here is a link to the post with the guide for the I Am Alive Challenge content/uploads/2020/05/20200418_131306_0000.png

Steven Ackerman's newest #IAmEngaged challenge falls right in line with this for me.
Links to #IAmEngaged from @slackerman:

#IAmEngaged Posts I have upvoted, commented on and reblogged for 9/15:

curation trail - scale voting weight issues. In this post, Farhad, @imfarhad gives a very clear and succinct explanation of the difference between the types of voting weights for a curation trail.

Grow Your List with Traffic Exchanges! We all need to grow our lists and build our brands. In his post, @matthiasklein, shares the link to an ebook that will show us how to use traffic exchanges to accomplish that.

I Am Alive Day Challenge Day 14 - Today Sharing Some Pictures I enjoy posts from people who share photos of where they live since I am always interested to learn such things. Elizabeta, @elizabetamt shows us some very nice photos of her neighborhood in her post.

Alive Content Mastery #7 - Inspiration - Through Engagement - IAAC #164 In this 7th installment of his series on creating content for Hive, Erik, @flaxz is telling us to engage with other posts to get ideas for creating our own content.

Daily Crypto News & Video, September, 15th In this vlog post, @vlemon gives us a run down of today’s news in the world of crypto currency.

Here is the link to download the I Am Alive eBook and learn how to add yourself to this group: In the eBook, you will learn how to join the #IAmAliveChallenge and celebrate every day that you are Alive!

At the end of the book, you will find the instructions for how to re-brand the eBook for yourself and give it away to your list subscribers and grow your online business.

My friend, Eliana @elianaicgomes, owns a program called CTP Blueprint. It is a guide for new and experienced members of Click Track Profit with very actionable steps that guide you through the training lessons and modules in the back office.

Plus1Success will help you improve your progress in 30 days.
Here is the link to download the free ebook:

Learn 4 awesome simple ways to get into crypto with spending a dime. It will only take you 15 minutes of your time to get started.

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