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This is Sunday July 12th, 2020 and my day #95 of Erik Gustafsson's @flaxz
#I Am Alive Challenge-#HiveIsAlive Day #33 of #MyHiveGoals and #IAmEngaged

Erik, who is known as @flaxz on the blockchain, started this challenge to provide those of us who are taking it on with an opportunity to embrace gratitude for being alive and able to be here thriving on Hive during this crazy time around the world. It is also a great way to practice consistency for growing our businesses and brands online here on the blockchain and other places on the internet.

View Erik's original post at the link below:

Here are some links to posts from #MyHiiveGoals created by @robwillmann and #IAmEngaged created by @slackerman.
I am posting the links to some of their posts explaining how these challenges work and why they started them.

Links to posts from @robwillmann for #MyHiveGoals.

Steven Ackerman's newest #IAmEngaged challenge falls right in line with this for me.
Links to #IAmEngaged from @slackerman:

#MyHiveGoals today:
Today I have reached another milestone. Over 20000 CTP Power after having staked 1091.467 CTP tokens. I was able to do this because yesterday I won the #LukeIsAlive weekly drawing for 1000 CTP tokens and had some other gains besides.
So now my liquid CTP tokens are back to 1000 and my CTP Power is at
20171.320/25000 ~81% of my next goal.

Hive: 3.367
Hive Power: 582.149/1000 ~58%
/5000 (Dolphin Status) ~12%
Hive Dollars: $132.390 (Going to be buying more CTP Miners and $HUSTLERM this week before the $HustlerM goes up to 2 Hive each at the end of the month.

#IAmEngaged Posts I have upvoted, commented on and reblogged for 7/12

Mini Pix Vlog Update | HIVE Updates & An Important Message For My Community

@pixiepost shares updates of what is new on the blockchain including the new website for HiveHustlers and extends the hunt for #pixiedust.

Day 1: #IAmAliveChallenge @bonnieroberts joins the #IAmAliveChallenge with her first post and vlog on how to use essential oils as part of a strategy to cope with anxiety. Welcome to the Challenge Bonnie!

Talk to your Network and Create Relationships! My Hive goals inside! Eliana stresses the importance of ongoing engagement with our networks to build the know like and trust before we pitch our products.

Par excellence! @globetrottergcc gives us a great perspective on what makes women attractive. Spend more time beautifying what is on the inside.

#HiveHustlers: Announcing our 2nd $HUSTLERM Miner Token Presale - Price Spiking to 2 Hive/ea Afterwards! A reminder from @nulledgh0st to buy our $HustlerM Miner Tokens at the low price of one Hive each by the end of the month before they go up to 2 Hive each.

Here is the link to download the I Am Alive eBook and learn how to add yourself to this group: In the eBook, you will learn how to join the #IAmAliveChallenge and celebrate every day that you are Alive!

At the end of the book, you will find the instructions for how to re-brand the eBook for yourself and give it away to your list subscribers and grow your online business.

My friend, Eliana @elianaicgomes, is celebrating one month as a program owner. It is called the CTP Blueprint and guides new and experienced members of Click Track Profit on a very actionable and sensible course through the lessons in the back office of Click Track Profit!
She is having an epic contest to celebrate her first month as a program owner!

On Click Track Profit's Thursday Night Live show on June 18th, Jon and Blain relaunched the all new Plus1Success!
Here is the link to download the free ebook:

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Fantastic work.

Excellent and bravo!

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Congrats Lisa.

Congrats Lisa!
You've been doing a fantastic job so far!
So glad you're part of our CTP Swarm!
Here's a treat to celebrate!


As a real Fireballer you will get 50 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Congratulations on the milestone! That is a huge goal met. I hope your parents get better! Enjoy your week!

You're doing awesome! Great video & blog post :) And thank you for the mention :) I appreciate you very much. Keep up the great work - you have made huge strides this year! 💜 Luv ya girl!

Great that you keep up your engagement Lisa, and big congratulations to reaching 20k CTP Power, you go girl.

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