Advertising with Credit Mailers and IAAC

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Great tips Michael. I find I don't read the long emails or emails with many URLs in them. I've notice some sites are limiting the number of characters in the email and will only one or no links in the email body. I've notice all of Marty Petrizza's sites don't all any links and she has her mailers set up to remove them when you hit the send button and Tezzeers Mailer only allows 1500 character which eliminates those long emails.

This is something I'm considering to add at my 3 mailers which will bring more clicks for my members although they may disagree but it will be a training opportunity for me when I respond to their support tickets.

Thanks Michael. By eliminating the link in the body of emails it lessens the chance of the emails ending up in spam, so I do like what Marty does with her sites. I know a lot of people think the long emails are better, my in your auto responder but not in credit mailers, most people don't even care about the body and go right to the credit link. That is why I say your Subject line is one of the most important features of your email, to grab their attention in a crowded in box.

Hi Mike, This is excellent information on the use of Mailers, You have some very good tips on getting the most of the mailer systems. :)

Thanks Daniel, I have been using mailers for years and they have always been one of my favorite resources. It is mind blowing seeing how others abuse them.

Yea your right, mailers are great if used in the right way. I think because people join so many of them and don't really think too much into what they are promoting as they just want to send out to as many of them as possible to get as much traffic, without taking the time to think about what to send out that will give them the best response. It should be about the Quality and not the Quantity of mails they send. lol


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Great tips for using Credit mailers... Thanks!

Thanks Zoltan, This is a simple but effective advertising resource but it is amazing how many people miss use it.

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