Follow Me On LBRY vs Youtube and IAAC

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Day #85 of I am Alive Challenge created by Erik Gustafsson @flaxz
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Thanks for the mention, Mike... Appreciate it...

I truly believe that there are a lot more opportunities to grow on de-centralized platforms, than on traditional ones... Not just that there are fewer people, but also the a lot more variety of topics and more creativity...

People like to create things without the "pressure" of doing it to fit "inside the box"...


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Yes for sure, you are right and also I think there is much greater engagement with less effort on decentralized platforms. If you post on decentralized someone is going to look at your content, even from the first day you sign up. If you sign up and post on traditional platforms your content may never get seen unless you go and find a bunch of people to follow or friend.

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