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RE: If Life Were As Easy As Q&A | IAAC 146th

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I know the solution to this:

The latest good news is I finally found someone who will be repairing the broken window screens! The bad news is it costs quite a few.

You should cut the nails of your cats regularly... and the window screens will last longer :) :)

And regarding #HiveChat, it was fun... I was a bit late, but still caught up with others fast... and you did some great answers!

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Oh boy, I haven't imagined cutting their nails at all. Like that would be against the natural order. But that's just me? Haha. I hope they will behave. Mostly they are, but cats will be cats. I'm sure @pixiepost will agree. :D

#hivechat on twitter is fun and indeed a learning experience. But we do have a microblogging platform on Hive as well. I enjoy using @dbuzz. I hope more folks will use it too :)