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RE: Alive Content Mastery #8 - Plan Your Subjects - In Advance - IAAC #165

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Ha ha! You made me chuckle when you said the video had lack of planning & then the subject was all about planning! You are too funny. He he. (Btw, I have been guilty of this many times! ;))

Yes, writing things down when you have content ideas is so important. My memory is truly like a sieve. I will have an inspirational idea, not write it down & poof, it is gone. So, now I make sure to write things down, esp after a long day! LOL

Great video, Erik! :) Have an awesome day & don't work TOO hard ;)


Thanks a lot Pixie, yeah showing the bad example might help someone lol, so not writing down the idea makes it go poof like Pixie Dust then?


Ha ha ha yes! Something like that ;) But you know us - we have the fuel (awesome fuel & pixie dust fuel) to come back from it full force ;) 💜


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