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RE: Discovering Communities & Games on Hive | IAAC Day 98

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Wow girl! I admire your patience with that construction going on at your work. It sounds horrid. I will never forget the time, when I worked at the hotel, they decided it would be a great idea building another office right behind me. Like LITERALLY behind me. Answering calls was fun lol.

I am excited about your 100th episode. That is awesome about the raffle. I will make sure to take part. :)

There are so many amazing communities on HIVE. I wish I could join more, but I only have so much time unfortunately. I still like to comment on different types of content, etc in other communities though.

Enjoy your day, sweetie! Loving your vlogs as always. Sorry I haven't commented for a couple of days, but haven't forgotten you! Have an awesome day! 💖


We're all busy, that's for sure. Even I wish for more time for Hive-in, but RL beckons 😂🤣 such is life! But we carry on, and that's the important part.

Today's a local holiday so no construction work above 🤣😂 we're working though...

Happy weekend to you! 😘😘

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Woo hoo! Thank God for small miracles. Maybe you won't leave work with a headache today! ha ha.

Looking forward to your video later & yes, we will always carry on! No way I am going anywhere haha ;)

Have an awesome weekend, girl. Love you! 💚


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