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RE: If Life Were As Easy As Q&A | IAAC 146th

Happy Wednesday, girl! I hope the rest of your day is going well! :)

Yes, #HiveChat is a fantastic way to get to know people we normally wouldn't encounter on Hive. I have been blessed to meet a lot of owners outside of my community & reminds me what great people we have on the blockchain. Yes, there's drama, too, but I try to avoid a lot of that lol.

The questions this time were very thought provoking & really makes one think about the future of Hive & how we all can contribute to improving things & growing our family. I don't doubt it will remain a strong environment as long as we all do our part & continue to be a positive example (as you said).

I am glad you got someone to fix your window screens. It always sucks that those things can be so costly but will be worth it in the end!

Hope you & the kittens are well! :) Have a great one & see you tomorrow! ;) 💜


My day is almost over. Just winding down as I'm reading and replying on here. I also tend to avoid drama as much as possible. It can suck away positive energy at times.

Ohh I'm happy to have found someone who will fix the window screen. Somehow that's another item to tick off on my list. It just bothers me when there are lots of pending items waiting to be accomplished.

Our cats are so weird. We have the adult ones and the younger ones. Just these past three days, the younger ones were left all alone. We do wonder where the adult cats went. Then, we just heard the collar bell and went out to find Mini back. Suddenly, even MingMing, the mother of all cats, was also back. Strange indeed! You'd think they signed up for some cat meeting or vacay or something. I've also done kittens inspection tonight. Will be sharing photos and stories tomorrow. :)

Hope your day is doing great! Take care!