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RE: Friday Money Talk 3: Expenses | IAAC 183rd

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Happy Friday, Sis! YAY! I am super happy to have the weekend almost upon us. I am working a lot today but tomorrow, I am going to completely decompress. It's been bit of a tough week but each day is getting better. :) I hope your weekend will be awesome, too!

I really like your Financial Friday episodes. Budgeting is super important. I am redoing mine now & getting back to meal planning, etc. I kind of lost track of my grocery expenses & it is so easy to buy tons of food without really NEEDING all of it. I might go back to my Hello Fresh subscription for awhile since I have a discount for the next 6 deliveries. It gives you recipes and the actual food for the cooking in pre-measured amounts so you're not wasting anything. Being single, too, can sometimes make it hard to cook so I like this because the recipes are awesome & I save on food waste. Of course, as you said, I need my treats too like chocolate, fruit & crackers. lol

I hope you have an awesome weekend, sweetie. Sending love & hugs to you! We will do the dance later heheh 😸💗🤗😘


definitely saving the dance for later 🤣😂 have a great decompressing weekend 😃😃 time flies by too fast! I need to keep listing down tasks as they tend to be left behind if I simply forget about them.

Well, there are but three of us at home, and food budgeting is tough with the increasing prices of commodities. Now, there are more cat mouths to feed for our family 😂🤣 so I definitely need to plan for meals. Planning really helps 'coz sometimes even with a really good plan, things go wrong 🤣😂 adjustments are necessary 😁😁

Take lotsa care! Just a day more... Then a little rest 😂🤣 hugs & kisses for you & timmy 😘😘😻😻

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