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RE: Don't Lose Your Steps | IAAC 189th

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Your mom is so cute with all of the cats adoring her! :) Great photo!

And those cassette tapes brings back awesome memories ,... I used to have so many of them & finally sold them all when I had to move. It was necessary at the time, but I kind of wish I had kept a few of them for the nostalgia. lol. I used to also make mixed tapes all the time, being my own personal DJ on them hahaha. :)

I know what you mean about steps...I keep trying to do at least 5000 steps a day with Actifit. I do well for a short time & then can't seem to stick to it. I am a bit limited with where to walk so I need to figure out a different way to get those steps in a more creative way he he....You will too! :)

Have an awesome day, Sis! Sending you lots of love & #pixiedust! :) 💗


Mom asked me to take a photo of her with the cats 😹😹 what can I say, she loves the spotlight 😁😁

I suppose I will hang on to the cassette tapes for now. I don't really want to just throw them out. How I wish I could do a garage sale! 🤔🤔 hmm maybe I should!

Ahh good thing I need to get down to the ground floor at least twice a day. I simply forget to bring my phone that tracks my steps 😂🤣 tomorrow we'll do a supermarket run so I could walk some more I think 😃😃

Happy weekend, sis! Hope you'll have a great one! 😘😘 hugs & kisses to you & Timmy 😀😀 take care! Talk soon!

Aww well your mom was totally photogenic. So cute! She looks truly happy. :)

Yes, I forget to make sure my Actifit dapp is on sometimes lmao. I am all proud of myself the days I DO my steps and come to find out, the dapp wasn't opened & never acknowledged it! lmaoo so now I make sure it's open lol.

I hope you have an amazing weekend, too, Sis. I love you so much & sending hugs & kisses to you and the babies. Keep smiling!! You are appreciated here. 💗🙏

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