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I Am Alive! 🌱

So today I had to take the picture above instead of a nice selfie.
Didn't have any power for the last four hours. I think the whole neighborhood was out. All due to some lightning. I guess you don't mess with nature. I'm kind of rushing this post now, so I don't miss the UTC cut off time to post at least 1 thing today.

Thankfully the stove still runs on gas, so we had enough time and resources to cook some delicious food and rest from all the work that depended on electricity and internet. We had a nice cozy candlelit dinner. Sort of. Really scary feeling though, to see how much our lives depend on technology. Well, at least to live it to the fullest.

Now for an appropriate daily funny image to balance out all the drama.


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The candle light was perfect man, and so was the catroon lol, we do really rely very much on electricity to power all our electronics and appliances, not sure if it is a viable alternative where you live, but solar panels are going down in price all the time and having that plus a battery might be a good idea, at least to have some backup power for the lights and electronics, just a thought, thanks for sharing and stay safe, awesome and alive.

The initial cost and upkeep of a full solar power system far outweighs just paying for the subsidized (by my tax $) electricity every month here. With recent inflation and in USD my electricity bill is around 3 dollars a month. 🤣 I already have about 50% of the outside lights fully solar powered (standalone).

So now I'm thinkin of buying one of those high capacity power banks with an AC output, to power a modem and at least one laptop during an outage, which doesn't happen that often to be honest. (About once every 3-4 months)


With just 3 bux a month for eletricity costs you could even pay that with Hive and not hamper your growth here, but as it's so low solar power is not really worth it, backup for outage is still a worthy endeavour, you can earn a lot in the hours or days when you use it and wait for the power to come back, so it should pay off pretty fast.

I'm lurking on possible sales as we speak.
Armed with my trusty price tracker.

Good luck hunting.

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Hello friends...
Sorry to knownabout the difficulty you face because of the no electricity...
We are much more depends on the technology... which give comfort but the absence of the same make is frustrated.....

Thanks for your concern. All was well though. :)


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how are you dear friend @rarej good night
I am sorry that you are without electricity supply, this is a worldwide deficiency, the service providers leave much to be desired.
stay safe and take care dear friend
happy start of week

Yes. Especially in countries like ours.
Have a good week!


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Sorry to hear about your electricity issue, here in Ukraine, we don't have such kind of problems but sometimes it happens when something occurs with the powerplant or supply... I like the candle picture...

Ah, Ukraine, the country known for its beautiful women. I can imagine that electricity is mostly well organized in such a large country with so many people. Maybe not in rural areas.
In my country Suriname, there are a little more than 500K people and all depend on one water-powerplant. So I guess I should be thankful that the plant itself functions perfectly. 😂

Great picture and a great symbol of life

Made in Canva

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