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Already moving around the money and taking precaution.
Cards and incoming foreign payments are almost impossible, because the banks and government haven't really documented all foreign currency. This means that we are on some kind of blacklist, until banks can get their shit together.

I can do outgoing foreign payments and air freight import just fine though.
The next step would be to move and work somewhere else for a while. Let the corrupt people do their thing while I do mine.

Thanks for the advice!


So that is the reason you want to travel, or a big part of it, makes total sense.

There's traveling for fun, which I have as a goal. But also traveling for work, which has multiple reasons. Eventually having a passport of a developed country will also enable me to explore the world more freely, without any pesky visa stuff.

So both cards and passports are not very compatible with other countries, that is not promising if they want to get that inflation under control.

Jup, definitely a big obstacle for entrepreneurs.
And that's unfortunate because supporting local business to expand and export can be a huge factor to combatting inflation.

Exactly, so now they are missing out on that and go for making their left foot hurt instead.