I Am Alive Day 84 - +1 Success Day 21

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I Am Alive Day -

84 days I have been actively participating in the #iamalivechallenge. Today I did several lessons in my Udemy courses and setup the environment to develop a WordPress theme and website development.

The combination of PHP, CSS and HTML is going to drive me crazy. It is so easy to to make syntax errors. Today, I had a mistake somewhere, I never found but some how I magically fixed it. I would say there never was an error the page just wasn't refreshing but that sounds so unlikely. That error/non-error cost me almost an hour this morning. I don't like it when things fix themselves and you don't know why. Always have.

Hopefully, as I do more programming with HTML, CSS and PHP I will learn easier ways to find errors. One thing I need is to learn how to use Visual Studio better. Sometimes it makes the coding easier and sometimes not. I will figure it out.


I am recognizing #ctptalk today. There are so many new names showing up, the word is spreading. We are not only seeing lots of new names but multiple languages as well. #ctptalk is definitely gaining in popularity. We are becoming a force. Kudos to #ctptalk.

+1 Success Day 21

Today's lesson is about attending a live event or webinar. @jongolson talks about driving over 2000 miles in 2 countries to attend his first live event. (I wish he had said what event it was.) But credits this event with taking his struggling business to success. With today's technology, there is no excuse for not attending webinars. You can sit at home and watch them and if the time is not convenient there are replays. So as Nike says, "Just Do IT!"

For any of you who have not started the 30 day plan yet, here is the link
+1 Success 30 Day Plan!
It is free, so you have no excuse to not begin improving your business and life.


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Glad to know you are doing well. It's inspiring to see others moving towards the goals. Best of luck!