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As I told you in yesterday's video, today I made a "how-to" video about setting up link tracking using LeadsLeap. I would really appreciate your feedback. I can't get any better without your comments. Please help me improve.

This is my 131st day in the #iamalivechallenge. I am doing very well and hope you are doing well as well.

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Okay... You asked... :P

The tutorial part is good if the question was the mode of how you created it... I didn't test it on my Leadsleap account, but as you can see, you have done a good job...

But, you should change the title of THIS video, and say something more about what it is... as in the moment of writing, my comment is the only one... :( And, it is a good and helpful video...

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Thank you for the feedback on my "how-to" video. This is not the video I am going to use for the training. I am just going to use the raining portion with it's own title page. Thanks again.


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