I am Alive Day 87

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I Am Alive Day -

87 days I have been actively participating in the #iamalivechallenge.

Post associated with this video are being moved to my blog. I have been ignoring my blog since I started the IAAC. Please visit my blog, https://funnelspay.com/. I apologize in advance for its appearance and content. It is a work in progress and it will get better so please reserve your judgement for now and follow the progress.

For any of you who have not started the 30 day plan yet, here is the link
+1 Success 30 Day Plan!
It is free, so you have no excuse to not begin improving your business and life.


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Actually, that is the "initial plan"... Start with some of the challenges, get more comfortable with the camera, and then improve, improve, improve :)

You doing a great job!


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Thank you for the comment and encouragement