New NFT release $CUB1k is available on NFTshowroom

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Hey peeps of Alien Art!

Fresh drop on my gallery on @nftshowroom.
This is a must have for each fan of leo finance and cub defi.
I just recently got into farming $CUB and it is amazing, of course this is no financial advice but I am quite bullish about this project!

Find this and many more pieces in my gallery

if you are hungry get the appropriate NFT!

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The lion is roaring 🦁. Something huge is coming!!

The lion is roaring 🦁 something huge is coming!!

Today the cubs are very cheap waiting for fiat to turn into BUSD to get some more :)

I am planning to buy and stake cub today before the bull run of cub haha. I mean, before the huge update comes around.

Does it cost $1000 USD? :D
That would be funny.

Edition #1 is priced at 1000 swap.hive but you can get this also for cheap by buying the later editions #10 and #9 are there for a bargain IMO :)