ArtBees: Re-Introducing an Art Community

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It’s been on my to-do list to give some love on this old community. The community was originally built from the people that made up the steemartists community and rebranded to suit the new platform. It lost a lot of active members but will put some effort into rebuilding it while I’m here. Here's a link to the first Introduction Post of ArtBees.

What makes ArtBees different from other existing art communities on Hive?

It’s focus is more on engagement between artists on the platform regardless of what skill level they are in. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist, you could always chill with this community and share what art related topic you got in mind. It’s not a curation or voting group. This means no curation compilations or an account made to provide upvote support on member posts. The focus here is interactions.

The Long Term Goals I want to accomplish on this community.

1.Build a tight knit community of artists.
2.Onboard more artists on the platform.

I could be shouting in the abyss from this post. I doubt a lot of artists would bother with this community knowing fat upvotes aren’t going to be a norm here. That’s fine. I like to invest in people that are interested with other people. Monetary rewards only undermine why communities are built. Once the money is gone, so does the relationship that was founded by it, and that’s something I really want to avoid happening on ArtBees.

From personal experience back in the old blockchain, this community had a lot of members willing to support one another. This is where I got the first hand experience of getting constructive advice on how to do art better without paying for it. Free tutorials, and expert opinions from the pros themselves. A beginner artists doesn’t get that privilege readily on most social media platforms. It’s mostly every artist for themselves until they root themselves enough following to matter to other artists.

I’ve talked about how algorithms are being mean to new artists. I’m glad Hive doesn’t operate on the frontend like these centralized social media. This gives undiscovered users a fair chance to be noticed if they put in the work to connect with other users. There are no invisible codes that push your posts behind the wall if it doesn’t get enough comments or views. Everyone has a fair shot at fame if they put in the work.

If you’re asking for constructive criticism n your craft, want to talk about something art related, or sharing your stuff, this is the community for you. Whether it’s traditional or digital art, music, photography, arts and crafts, and other forms of art, it’s welcome. Just be sure to mark your posts with NSFW if it contains so, and be considerate with the thumbnail.

This is a link to our Discord Group.

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time. This is a creative footer by @adamada. A Hobby illustrator


I love to see tribes cropping up to serve the needs of specific groups of people! A great idea, and I will send my daughter your way when she gets into it... I have a good art tablet being shipped soon, and she's going to need some help getting rolling. I'll make sure I tell her to drop #ArtBees a line and find a few supportive friends. Thanks for the initiative, adamada! :)

Thanks for stopping by Dave, good to hear your enthusiasm on the initiative. Most artists here barely make time to comment on other people's work, or get feedback in return. I started out not getting any attention until I learned the trick of thriving here is just building connections with like minded folks then expand.

While it welcomes all skill levels of artists, I'd rather see beginners and intermediate levels trying to find their style as they go along. Professionals have it all sorted out and they'll find a way to get the attention they need. Those that don't have the skills to make any eye candy material may end up being discouraged and that's why I wanted this community thriving again. To have those artists in the wild get connected.

Looking forward to the new member, and you're welcome to share your art on the community too :D

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is the little spider always active :) i miss her :( ?

Thank you! :>
No... waiting for Spodey to come back.
What I can do is just continue what the spodey started. :<

You will have maximum support from us, if you need voting power just ask, we don't have much, but we're happy to share it

Thanks a lot, really appreciated the boost:D

While the current focus is jumpstarting it back by repopulating the community.
I'm hoping more beginner to intermediate levels would join in as these are the types of users that have difficulty competing with highly skilled artists and established names on the platform.

I like to have an environment where artists can just grow and have that sense of confidence in their works. A small pat in the back for a good work was all I needed to post more about my stuff when I started out, those where the days where 0.1$ posts where my norm. It was demotivating to see the trending on the same category but some comments made a lot of difference to user experience.

I'll be trying to recapture that feeling for the smaller users. It's going to be a long road. Probably not going to see progress until a couple of weeks to months but I'll be trying anyway.

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Got to this a bit later than anticipated but better late than never right ^_^;

I read this earlier today and was pretty much YES THAT'S EXACTLY HOW I WOULD LIKE THIS TO BE.

And that investing in people thing really resonated as well, I feel the same.

We gonna make it grow again. A refuge for artists that haven't found their home yet. :D

We'll help however we can!
#ArtBees Unite!

Should I also say I found a home? Well I am an amateur but I already found artbees discord channel yesterday and joined, I really hope to learn from everyone.

Nice, a new member. It depends, we don't require art posts to be exclusively made for this community. Anyone can post on other art communities. There is no curation compilations or guaranteed upvotes for joining.

You just get connected more with amateurs to intermediate artists on the platform if you're willing to engage. The discord is fairly active no and it's a small community so any post made there I would eventually notice it. Engagement is the focus not the monetary reward. Grow as an artist with a community that connects with you and you connect with it.

I like it more when I have feedback on my work, this helps me to improve. And I ask questions where needed, this makes me apply the knowledge I gain and grow.
I know how much asking other artists here questions have helped me improve and I love that connection and interactions, so when it comes to art, the monetary reward isn't the major thing to me but the knowledge I get.

I love the attitude. The worst thing an artist can ever do to their art is self sabotage by way of being too comfortable in their own bubble. No growth if you think only your pace works as artists pick up art from different artist and make them into their own styles. I saw you chat on artbees discord, haven't got the time to make replies as I am busy with real life matters.

Just chat random stuff the place is your audience and you're welcome.

Yeah, you are right and I am not the type that sabotage herself 😁
Yes, I did and I understand if no one was available to reply. I will stop by more often and yeah it's ok to be busy with real-life matters ;)