Done with the Sketch Experiment

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It's both an accomplishment and the a frustration after finishing the whole piece. One one hand I get to see that I'm not really that far from the goal set. On another hand, most of the detailing work requires more of getting used to the technique. My previous WIP sketch talks about a small background of the style reference I used for this piece.


Far from the ideal result but I'll take it.

The goal was to render the piece close to the studied style. It's unrealistic to expect I'll get it right the first time. The guy I'm studying from had years of training to begin with. And I just do this for a hobby for a few hours a week if I got the time to spare.

A lot of stuff were done different from my usual routine. This piece had me comfortable letting loose some feather strokes, not mind the crude strokes, and focused on the greater picture than obsessed with the finer details.



Refining those minor details actually take more time and skill to do. I'd say 40% of the time, it's just rendering the bigger parts enough to be recognizable while 60% will be fixing the finer details which takes years of experience to get it right.

It only matters when you examine the image during close up. I've been wondering how far before I get to this level and I have to say that I came sooner than I would have expected months ago. It's still a drop in the bucket compared to the end goal I made for myself but effort pays off.

This is a link to our Discord Group.

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time. this is a creative footer by @adamada. A Hobby Illustrator.


So nice drawing! I like this portrait of a girl, well done!

Thank you! far from the end goal but it just tells me I'm on the right path. Thanks for stopping by :>

I love her attitude and eyes. And the dress collar pattern is cool. And I will join your discord love the art base so thank you

Thank you so much :)

The Artbees discord has the same energy as the community page at the moment. A lot of artists that make up the community have been inactive and its a shame because a lot of those names were professionals.

We still have some names left active on the platform but most have already found their niche communities. Artbees would just be a haven for artists that have yet to find their way into the ecosystem.

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She looks so good! The details, particularly the flowers, almost seem to pop off her jacket. As if they were truly sown there with thread. I know you mention their appearance zoomed in. But truly enjoying the picture in a non zoomed stated it's beautiful (especially taking into consideration that this is a new style for you)! Amazing job!

Thank you so much :D
I found inspiration from just not minding the small details and focus on the whole. There are several splash arts that look good and detailed until you zoom in and see crude brush strokes that make up their form. Complex from afar and simpler when near kind of illusion.

On this case, it's not so much as a finish work. To refine those minor details means to exercise years of doing it and that's what I'm trying to get mileage on right now. Thanks for stopping by.

Ahhh yes! The fun part! Honing the skills till they match up to the bar we set for ourselves. Oh, the joys (and challenges) of improving!

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Owa owa you might have done this as a study but the style still screams 'ada' for me >u< The messy inked sketches has always been your thang. This looks really good! Lovin the deets on them clothes ♥

messy inked sketches has always been your thang.

It really hurts. XD
Thanks kothy, and for the emojis I will spam them well >:D

Am I wrong tho? >.> Your messy inked sketches always been lookin gooood
Spam them well >u<


Aaaaaaaa I cringe from the past. Shows how little has changed :/
Looks sexy though

Looks sexy though

I rest my case