Showcasing My Commissioned Emojis

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A post to flex my commissioned emojis done by @kothy. For a low low price of 1.5 Hive I made my sweet devil emojis have more expressions. You only need to read the first part of the post as the rest are just random ramblings.

I love this character since its inception from our old wishful thinking days on @takipsilim and its Intro Post. That account was supposed to be our small collab with our programmer @jazzhero before life happened and everyone just became busy doing their thing. It's not that we lost interest, it's more along the lines of life demands catching up to us.

Kothy(Vampire), Adamada(Angel), Jazzhero(Zombie) and TP(Hooman)

I go around to become a physician, @kothy goes to study digital arts related to game development for a degree, @tpkidkai started a new job and a family, and @jazzhero being flooded with lucrative opportunities outside the blockchain like being a dev for a casino, IT projects, and porn sites (bless the man and his genius).

I still keep in touch and would try to ass them to continue the project for shits and giggles. That blockchain game on Hive, I want that shit to happen and take in whatever form someday.

So until then, you can try to contact @kothy if you want some commissioned emojis for your discord server or post decorations.

End of Post

What have I been up to lately:

I've been flooded with work and it just keeps piling. This whole blogging about art on Hive has been a breather. Covid really did a number on my country's health institutions and it just made the underlying problems even worse, namely how ridiculous bureaucracy is.

I work for the government and I've been kinda not getting paid for the past three months and probably going to be this way for the next three to four months if I'm unlucky. The problem has something to do with my papers to which I'm not really in control of. The files gets pushed from top to bottom and all I can really do is wait and resume my duties. It's on the admin side problem.

To think I could have been a Dolphin to Orca if I had my pay back when Hive was trading below 0.15$. Oh well, life happens and can't go into detail about some stuff mentioned above. At least I'm surviving comfortably while doing volunteer work. It'll pay off soon, probably in the middle of the year.

Until then I'm just doing the usual keeping tabs on multiple communities, staying active and floating on Hive scene.

I'm also running the @hiveph community account and promoting the ArtBees on the sidelines. If you happen to know any beginner artist on the platform, feel free to introduce them to ArtBees (Its Intro Post Link)

Meanwhile I've been doing the age old scouting new users on the platform and promoting them. I think most established users have been on the spotlight too long that they forgot what it's like to have no network, no niche or community to share their interests with.

That's how I met @thebeardflex and company while trying to get out of my usual circle and explore what's up in the platform. It's been something I do once in a while but never putting it into conscious thought. Just trying to be interested in what other people are up to can get you to different places. He introduced me to his Hive Pizza Project which is slowly growing. Yes, I'm plugging his stuff on this post.

Author > Content

I think a lot of curators miss this detail and end up just upvoting the content just cause it looks good. Listen, if the author spends weeks to months earning from autoupvotes for sharing good content without replying on engaging with other users on the platform, that author ain't worth supporting. No content dumper is.

What makes you think they would be interested in returning the favor to the community or promoting Hive when they can't even be bothered to interact with everyone else. These are types that don't respect the platform.

If you keep rewarding users that hardly bother with the blockchain and just treat the place as a content dump, you're part of the problem because you take away incentives to connect with other people.

For content creators that have been doing well on their post rewards, it's very unrealistic to think that rewards on post = quality of post. And each content you pump out would be well rewarded even if you put a lot of work into it. Not every famed artist in history produced masterpieces each art piece made. It just smells high self opinion if I hear someone claim they deserve more rewards for posting good content.

Most of the content published here aren't even near the competitive level of quality people can just google to see somewhere else. There are diamond posts that pop up every now and then and that's in itself great. Only proves we got users that can showcase the good stuff.

I'll keep on looking out for new authors or undervalued cause I do it for kicks and giggles. It's realistic to expect nothing from me if I see your comment section barren. Always remember this piece of wisdom to guide your user experience on the platform

If you can't give a fuck about the community, why should the community give a fuck about you?

Because an author makes content for their intended audience but if you never bothered to know your audience, then it's the same energy as advertising in the dark. A post becomes a figurative shout to the abyss.

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time. This is a creative footer by @adamada. A Hobby Illustrator


Hee those emoji are so cute XD

I was going to say my comments are usually pretty barren but I haven't been doing terribly lately (though you have to at least halve my comment counts because a lot of them are token bots). In fairness to everyone that reads, there's only a few people that will have any idea what I'm blathering on about most of the time ^_^;

Hope that work craziness sorts itself out sooner rather than later, glad you seem to be doing okay throughout.

In fairness to everyone that reads, there's only a few people that will have any idea what I'm blathering on about most of the time ^_^;

I'm beginning to pick up your language slowly. But those ProBlogs will have to wait a little longer before I could reach 3D art. Everything's a slow crawl with a fast pace environment at work. I'm living it, not as bad as it seems as I'm low maintenance and the work tends to be routine once a rhythm is in place.

Love this. Awesome to see what you're up to when you have free time. The emoji's look great, too!

Yeah, if you ever plan on making some custom emojis for PIZZA discord, maybe kothy can help. Excited to see the PIZZA project fly.

Are you indirectly advertising people to get Discord Nitro? Lol

Will make a mental note of mentioning you sell Nitro on a future post which I have no idea what the content is at the moment.

Haha, I don't think Nitro part needs to be public.

Mehehe, well I'm still g with Takipsilim :> Maybe not now, in the future maybe, when everyone's free :>

When Covid goes away maybe

It's the ramblings that make blog posts great, @adamada. As the saying goes, "the devil is in the detail". lol

It was an impromptu. The main post was just about promoting the artist and the rest was just random ramblings running through my mind lately.

That's what blogs are all about originally. These things seep through what we post online though. For me, it's what makes a blog unique and personal as opposed to the "commercial" style blog writing that is so prevalent these days, and which I am also guilty of doing from time to time.

Big yuck on not getting paid. While I'v been complaining about minimum wage type jobs. Thanks for sharing.

I've liked your creations.
I'll wanna buy some too.
Got any cracked, yellow with gold sparkle looking stuff... got any time?!? 😂

Should poke around on NFT Showroom?