WIP Practice Sketches

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I've previously mentioned this before, I'm loving Parkjinsuky's Art Style. There's just something about letting loose with the feathery strokes that both feels freedom to lose control and order. It's been a mental knot for years to keep myself from using feather strokes.


I'm not done with this yet. It's just the base sketch to which I'd just refine and add more depth/volume afterwards. I'm just happy those practice sketches to understand the style are slowly paying off.

My English teacher who happens to teach cartooning commented to refrain from using such strokes as it conveys lack of confidence. I only got their attention after winning some cartooning contest where their pet lost. And I won that using my own feathery strokes. Looking back, training for the editorial cartooning under her probably cost me a lot of my creativity.


A lot of my sketches, the good ones imo, are made of feather strokes so I toss them out before they're done. The comment about lacking confidence just nags me to no end. It irritates me how it gets to me even if I got recognition for just doing my own thing. This is part of the educational system that's busted.

This mental nagging won't go away anytime soon.

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If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time. This is a creative footer by @adamada. A Hobby Illustrator


Is this a recent sketch or something you saved?

It's a recent sketch done a few hours ago, I had character 2B in mind when making the hair and the dress as default. The bobcat type of hairstyle has been my go to for sketches, no specific reason.

I cannot wait to see how this turns out if you decide to post a finished version!

It's also interesting the impressions that educators leave on us. Some of those things are carried with us for our whole lifetime. Hopefully, with more time, it will fade and you will be able to freely "feather" to your heart's content (although I'm sure we are all aware of how silly the human brain can be with hanging onto things). I think it's a lovely aesthetic.

I can see the other artists' inspiration in your sketch. Especially through her cute petite nose and beautiful eyes.

It's also interesting the impressions that educators leave on us.

Several lives probably got messed up in the system. It's a luck of the draw experience being on the system.

Feather bad. Do straight lines. It's broken track record on repeat that I just try to fight in my system. The grip has loosened and I don't mind not ridding of it completely. Solid line strokes have their uses in some styles so it becomes helpful when exploring new forms.

I can see the other artists' inspiration in your sketch. Especially through her cute petite nose and beautiful eyes.

I just find the simplicity of the form to be so aesthetically beautiful. It's just a phase until I move on exploring other styles. Thanks for stopping by :D

You're not wrong. Art classes were a contradictory experience for me. It felt like being taught to be creative and embrace a vastness of styles while suppressing my own creative instincts. Which, don't get me wrong, can be necessary to pick up essential foundations and to grow as an artist. But I found that "feeling" never got better as I progressed through the education system either. In college, I had a professor tell a student that the art project they had submitted was not "art" and that I quote: "If it's edible- it's not art". I still think about that and how the student must have felt.

Plus, having spent more than a few hours admiring sugar glass art, I can tell you- there is a high level of skill that goes into that. Mad props to those types of artists. But that's just my little two cents on the matter. I'm not a tenured art professor or anything. Just a lowly hobby doodler.

Hope you are having a "most excellent" day today!

On the stale educational system we are used to, they raise some fair points on some areas. Like know the rules first before trying to break them. I interpret it as learning the norm and why it exists prior to experimentation. I think it's a matter of delivery that makes or breaks a student. It's sad that most don't have the patience of the talent to articulate these things. It's evening here at the time of this writing. And I had a regular day thank you :D