5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: what gift do you give to the person who has everything?

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I felt the sun from below my eye lids.
I slowly raise my hands to block the rays as I blink and open my eyes.
The sun rays where over-pouring through the window screen and dancing on my face.
I stretch my toes and shift around the place. While doing so I refresh my memory about who I am and what I am doing today. I suddenly remember the date and have same bursts of excitement as today is the day I have been waiting for.
I turn around slowly to look at the beautiful face that is still asleep next to me.
A small nose, full lips and square jawline.
Hair all over the place and all the other amazing features.

I started at the piece of art until it started moving and opened its eyes.
Blessed with that drop dead gorgeous smile I felt like I was in Heaven.
“Happy Birthday Love”, I whisper as I bury my face under his.
He smiled again and held me close.
“So what do you want for your birthday?”, I asked. I had been planning for this day since the same day of last year, yet I ask him this again.


He pulled away from me and looked in my eyes and asked “What Gift do you give to a person who has everything ???”.
Again I fell in Love with the man I already am so much in Love with.

Hello People!!!
This is my entry for the 5 Minute Freewrite Prompt : What gift do you give to a person who has everything by @freewritehouse @mariannewest.
Details of the same can be found at the link below :


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Thank you.

Very beautiful! what a lovely way to start a day.

Hehe ... Thank you.

Hello @bold-n-italics This is such a wonderful freewrite. It gives me a different view of love and how possible it is to express it finely before actions. I love the figures of speech you employed as it made the freewrite a very nice read. I love the message it passes as well with such simple sentences. Well done!

Thank you so much @faith65 for your kind words and for your time to read my freewrite.
Have a great day ahead.😃

You're most welcome!

Such a lovely story built from a prompt!

Thank you so much 😊