Day 1157 : 5 Minute Freewrite Prompt : Traffic Noises

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Everything was a sudden stand still.
There was no sound and no movement.
It suddenly felt like a picture stuck to my car windshield.
It was 01:30 PM and the sun was pouring its blazing hot rays over all us fellow mortals.
The car was getting hotter and hotter. After another 30 minutes I could not even feel the air conditioning.
Is this how it feels to be in an oven, was my thought cause this is not good.
I rolled down the window only to be attacked by a gush of hot air that made things even worse.

I brought out my phone to see people on social media posting #StuckInAJam.
After aimlessly scrolling over my social media account I shut that app.
I opened a tile matching game and played the same until I ran out of lives.
I check the clock again only to see time had just moved 30 minutiae since I last checked.

Yup it’s happening... it’s either Independence Day or Terminator : The Judgement Day
We are also going to just die here in the traffic and no one can do anything about it
I haven’t done anything in my life... I still had to travel to Canada and Australia and had to attend that music concert that will cost me a fortune... and

Then suddenly I heard an loud engine roar reverberate all the way. All the engines started up and loud honks filled the warm silent atmosphere. We were finally moving.
Never have I ever felt soooo happy to hear the noise of traffic in my life.
I stepped on my pedal and moved forward.

Guess that the only answer whenever we are simply move forward.

Image Source : Unsplash

Happy Tuesday!!!
This is my entry for the Freewrite Prompt posted by @mariannewest at .
Normally Traffic Noises are something that is mostly perceived in a negative way and hence I wanted to attempt to write this Freewrite with a more positive perception.

Have a great day ahead.


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