Day 1177 : 5 Minute Freewrite Prompt : Standing at the window

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She as been doing this ever since she moved to this apartment complex.
Every day she wakes up at 5:00 AM.
After her Morning Coffee and a Cold Shower, she ties her hair up into a pretty top knot.
Then at sharp 6:00,she tends to her little baby plants at the window sill.
Then it was all about the wait.


Photo by Taras Shuliakevyach on Unsplash

She would patiently wait, standing at the window for the sight that would make her every day a very special day.
She would wait for him.

She first saw him on the first day her family moved into the apartment complex. She was carrying a huge carton box at the entrance when she caught a glimpse of him at his morning walk.
She had never seen anyone so beautiful, lovely and graceful like him.
She might even go ahead to say it was like love at first sight.
Fate cruel as ever made it impossible for them to be together.
So she would wait patiently everyday by her window for the sight of him that soothes her soul.

On hearing a very familiar bark her heart started racing.
He finally is here, She Thought leaning over the window to see an old woman walking an absolute snow white Pomeranian Puppy that looked like a fluffy could of joy bouncing over the road.

The Pomeranian stopped under the window and looked at her lovingly and gave out another small bark.
“I Love you too” she whispered back slowly as she waved at the puppy.

He looks as cute as ever, She thought.
If only my husband did not have an allergy of dogs , me and my love could have been together ... her thoughts trailed.

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