Day 1208: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: Pitfall

It had already gotten dark.

Alex and Ray had left the cabin at 7:00PM on foot to buy the ingredients for their dinner. Sadly with some ingredients missing, they settled for buying Pizza instead.
The time was around 9:00 PM. The path to the cabin was rubbled through the trees.

Half way home Alex said to his sister, "Ray let's take the shortcut through the woods... we can reach faster. The Pizza is also going cold". Ray replied, "But it's so Dark... do you think it's safe?"
Alex immediately said, "Of course. Look over there ... we can even see the lights in the cabin. It's just a quick 5 minute run rather than the long road". Ray replied hesitantly, "Fine Brother. Let's just be careful as it just the two of us."

The both dashed to the woods only to fall into a pitfall with a loud thud. Thankfully both the siblings were safe and not hurt. Alex had a few scratches more as he broke the fall while protecting his sister.

They were both scared but din't let their emotions get the best of them. Ray switched on the torch in her phone and gathered their fallen belongings while Alex called their Uncle and Aunt on his phone.

"I have sent our live location. Uncle said they are on the highway and would be here within an hour. You aren't hurt anywhere are you sis???" asked Alex with concern and guilt in his voice.
"I am Fine Bro", replied Ray smiling as she sat down and opened the box of pizza "One hour seems long... guess we can eat under the stars until they get here."



Alex looked up and gasped at the breathtaking sight of the stars scattered in the night sky.
"Leave it to my Ray to bring the best in every bad situation." said Alex as he sat next to his sister, "What in world would I do without you?"
Ray smirked as she handed Alex a slice of pizza.
"Let's never find out", she replied smiling as she looked at the stars above them.

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This is my entry to the 5 Minute Freewrite prompt - Pitfall by @mariannewest @freewritehouse.
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