Day 1215: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: rays of sun

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Darkness had taken over.
Everything was covered in pitch black.
Black was the only thing visible while everything else seemed invisible.
Coldness creeped on the grounds slowly.
People were getting cold feet.
The coldness slowly rose over to their body causing them to be engulfed as a prisoner to numbness.

Everyone was overcome with overflowing fear.
No one knew what this phenomenon was or how they could defeat it.
Some yelled that it was the Curse of the All Mighty.
Others whimpered stating it to be the Rise of the Evil from Hell.
Prayers, cries, tears, sadness, depression, confusion and the rest of their team were now in charge of the faith of humanity.

It was the end.

That was when everyone saw it.

Vanquishing the darkness, Banishing the cold, bringing visibility and hope to all mankind, the divine light gracefully touched the ground.

The First Rays of the Sun made their debut appearance.


This is my entry to the 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: rays of sun by @mariannewest @freewritehouse.

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