Buzzin, Up And Down, In And Out!!! - Blockchain Coffee “Rollar Coaster”

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Blockchain Coffee Now = Ask Me Anything

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Pungent aroma and sticky fingers, nothing beats these sensations.


Here. Doing what I wanna do.


Excitement unbridled in preparation for a ride.


Time standing still each step of the process becoming tedious.


Focus on one thing, the destination. All else disappears, a haze engulfs peripheral vision.


Worry melts away as time becomes nonexistent.


Till that moment we have to come back down 😎


I like my weed as if it were a Rollar Coaster....


Buzzin, Up And Down, In And Out!!!

Can't Get High If You Never Come Down 🤔

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good very good post

Thank you my fiend, what is your favourite part?

Hello brother hope you're staying safe and healthy ;)

That I am brother 😘 blow yea a kiss... that’s still safe right? 🤣🤣🤣

Likewise hope you are doing well!

Life is like a roller coaster ...

It’s all part of the equation 👍

Well I do now post to say 10 different platforms 😅 do a google of “@d00k13” LOL

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Much appreciated