Freewright Ep 3- Voice6 by Generra Abrahamoviç (@generra-abraham)

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I couldn't help but feel for the kid.
Pain, frustration and heat taken out on him.
The world begin to act as mediator.
Yeah, curses went.
But I done realised that the only thing that breaks them is not
prayers to God.It's really showing these curses, that they ain't gat no place in your life.
Stand up son, yeah you stubborn that really means in other words that you consistent. That's not a bad thing, I'm on the same angle with you just seeing it in the way that it's useful.


Whilst you asking yourself why everything is very much out of control, why no matter how much you wish or your friends, teachers, neighbors and family wishes, you don't ever come out right. Know one thing, that you haven't ended. The fact that you'll take longer time than anybody else wants, doesn't mean your success impossible. I know you tried to change things up, feature others to share successes just to change the record but somehow in the mix shii still ends up with you, and guess what- only you. How you're just so precised in failing, I mean if there was 0.1 out of a 100 chances to fail you'd still make failure easy than 99.9 strokes successes. You tired, but still you can't successfuly beat it.


Now shit got your head messed up, you promise yourself. It's your last time you failed, makes you want to give it a try no longer. And the ones who cared or try to be in your business, used the occasion to judge you that you lazy. That you the reason you are where you are, that you gave up that's why you where you are. You realized the only way you could prove them wrong is by trying and failing before them. All hope is up, you about to show the world what you really good at. You go all in and once again you failed too, cause now you only succeeded in showing them you were wrong. You're confused there a difference between always being wrong and failing. You the problem, no one knows your place. No one knows your mental is shitted that you wasn't just making things up. You keep trying and yes you're the man, till you in the finals and yes your long time aura comes to play. You fail now in front of the world, when you was starting to believe in yourself. Bang in your face. No one is talking to you, everyone is murmuring. They know you did everything right just like they did. No one sees what's wrong with you, no one admits that they was wrong cause they not sure what's up. No one is confident enough to face you, cause now you the same as your failure. You was on it's side and it ended being right. in front of everyone. In your head now deserted, like literally in a desert in your mind. Dry ground shit, mirage shit and yeah hot air shit. Isolated, yeah your aura different. No one wants to get burnt, no one's drawing nigh. Lol.
It's just you.


You can't trust either of the 4 voices, you then have to wait for the combination closest to 99.9 percent made by the 6th voice to get a perfect choice. Same choice that your nigga only made correctly in 5mins.
What's funny all that you been through don't certify you the best of yourself? Nope. When you want to engage yourself in something normal people do you have to go through their tests too. There are no cases for special people. Special huh?
But at least you know to work with confidence, talk dope and look cuo. Shit! Nobody know what in your lil head, how many lies you told yourself, you ended seeing that they were not true if the truth of someone else was a lie. Shitted I say.
Shitted! You turned to drugs once, but the drugs say errrmmm!! Don't rush it son we know where you going don't fastfoward things, take it slow. We'll be waiting.


An invitation you not so scared to take on, but moved by the sadness of those that really love you deeply you turn that down.
Oh love, the only thing pure until it wasn't. Not isn't, wasn't. Hey, love's pure until it wasn't. What you think super-shitted righ?

Story changes, you find yourself a cool spot for someone like you. where a lot of people not like you in your head but alone too, y'know the one's that only have the bag 💰 as compensation for they existence. The ones making it but don't know where they'd end-up.

People of the bag 💰

The group where nobody is thinking it, they just doing it. No superstitions just get it done if you need it done. Grab things by their neck people, and just like them you not thinking it if you fit in. You're just going all in for same purpose. Nobody give a fuck how you do it just do and for once you don't rely on some mystical shit your combinations really bringing results here. No need to be the smartest but yeah the smartest still the alpha but inferiors don't get challenged only keep your self safe. Don't pull more than you can handle. You start to feel comfortable till you see on your room drops of red, you know who's upstairs you know what they got. How strong and formidable they was.

And now they was, I mean they worse. You escape that and you face to face with all facets no more to choose from, no other to trust so you keep tossing the die random and keep eating what you served whether hopefully or not don't matter just keeping the movement. Just not being dead and the only ones you can trust are you companions. The 6.


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