A Pop-Up WeWrite Contest! - Prompt: The Sandwich

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A Pop-Up WeWrite Contest!

The Prompt:

The Sandwich

"Ugh! The bread is soaking wet! Bread is not supposed to be soaking wet!" he snarled at me as he spit a soggy mouthful of half-chewed peanut butter sandwich into a tissue. I stood at attention next to his bed. He handed the sodden and heavy tissue to me.

He was now vegan, grain free, nightshade free, lectin free, phytic acid free, and deaf to my feeble protestations. He was not free, however, from his acutely tuned palate, which was maddeningly different from mine.

He had requested a peanut butter sandwich. I knew meeting all his new diet criteria would be a bitch, but I rose to the challenge. I had to.

I chose a very small ten dollar loaf of 'bread' and bought it. I bought some raw peanuts. I shelled the peanuts. I soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated the peanuts. After very lightly roasting them, I ground those peanuts into peanut butter. I then very carefully smeared the freshly ground peanut butter onto the somewhat normal looking bread. I made sure to get the peanut butter to the edges just like I had learned in home economics class long, long ago.

I knew how to make a proper tea sandwich.

I now spent my life trying to make this man happy. I signed up for that didn't I? Wasn’t that my reason for being? To make this man happy?

Well, he was not happy with that sandwich.

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And he was not happy with me.

And he made sure I knew it. Come to think of it, I can't seem to remember the last time Walter was happy with me.

Or, I with him for that matter. Especially now that he's added another responsibility to my list of "things" to please him.

Going vegan was his latest "shiny new idea". He'd seen it on Dr. Phillip one morning. I remember the day he called in to the show to sign up. He didn't know what he was getting into. I knew it was only a matter of time before he soured on the idea, then blame me for not being able to comply with the "rules" of the challenge. That damn Dr. Phillip. Walter lived his life by that "doctor". And I use that term "doctor" loosely.

Just about the time I made it to the trash with that ball of rejection soiling my hand, our daughter arrived. Walter kicked his pity party into second gear, along with his criticism of me.

Emily emerged from his bedroom, her eyes beseeching me to just hang on a bit longer. "He's just grouchy after breaking his leg," she said in a sympathetic tone.

That was this time, I thought.

I knew Walter was in constant pain. At his age, breaking a leg was nothing to dismiss. But then, any reasonable person wouldn't have attempted to repair the gutters from atop the roof. My two cents dismissed, I waited for word from outside disaster had struck.

Then I promised myself I'd be patient; let everything done and said roll off my back. Tomorrow, his scheduled appointment for removal of the cast will free him from his bondage. He'll feel better hopefully. And I'll get some much needed rest.

Cast now removed, I settle him in his living room recliner with feet elevated. I then assemble within reach all the necessities he demands for his comfort. The kitchen awaits me as I attempt to prepare a lunch dish from the vegan cookbook he purchased from Dr. Phillip.

Lunch finished, I sit at the kitchen table staring out the back door. A small bird lands on the half-finished lanai. He soon took flight. I think to myself: freedom.

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I return to the task at hand and make several phone calls arranging for items that need taking care of. Pulling the documents from the secretary, I sign them, fold them neatly, and return them to the envelope. On the front of the envelope, I write: "To Walter."

I reach for the key. Carefully I unlock the second drawer. I remove all the expensive jewelry from my person and place them within. I place the envelope on top. Finally, I lay the key on the kitchen table. I take with me only the clothes on my back. There's nothing here I want to accompany me into the new unknown. But it can't be any worse than the past known 25 years. I think on it no more. It's finished. It's done.

It's funny how it's the small things that tip the scale of intolerance to the point of no return. If I don't do this today, one of us won't be here to wake up tomorrow. Once respect is lost, and you pull back the thin veneer, you'll see the foundation has crumbled.

I'm now free from the self-imposed bondage I allowed to happen over the past 25 years. No more.

Oh, I almost forgot. One last task that need attending to.

I'll leave a note on the refrigerator door with the instructions on how to prepare The Sandwich.

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Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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That final image, the ending, is awesome and spot-on. Touche! I wish I had thought of it!
And this is articulated so well, a theme that most of the entries to this contest share: It's funny how it's the small things that tip the scale of intolerance to the point of no return. If I don't do this today, one of us won't be here to wake up tomorrow. Once respect is lost, and you pull back the thin veneer, you'll see the foundation has crumbled.
Well said!
I can't imagine leaving behind everything but the clothes on my back, but I love this story.

Thank you so much @carolkean for stopping by and viewing my post. I appreciate your kind words of support and encouragement. So glad you liked my ending.

We see things through a different lense.

Yes, you can walk away. You can replace material things. Many abused women do exactly that. Some in a hurry in the middle of the night fearful for their lives; others plan it.

I wish so many would take this route I chose to enlighten. I know a few who did. They are alive to tell their stories.

Take care, and have a great day.

Yes, material things can be replaced. How many refugees have fled times of war with nothing--leaving bank account, homes, furniture, treasured belongings behind? To escape with your life is to keep the most important thing of all. Thank you for the reminder. :)

Great story haha - he can make it himself now :)

Yes, he can make it himself now @seadbeady. And he's figure out a lot of other things he hadn't realized. He's one of those that won't miss their water until the wells runs dry.

Thanks so much for stopping in and taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate your suppor and encouragement.

Have great day, and take care.


Thank you @hamonyval for taking time to read my post. So glad you liked it. I wanted to do something different and unexpected with the we-write. I appreciate your kind words of support.

hahahaha! But do you think he'll get the message?
Great ending! It's nice of her to wait until his cast is off and he can do stuff for himself again. This sounds like it's what is best for both of them.
Thank you so much for entering my contest!

LoL...he hasn't gotten the message in 25 years.

When a person disrepects you by giving you something he spits out of his mouth, I gave her more restraint than I would have had because he would have had to go back to the hospital with a knot upside his head.

I thought about a vegan lunch that included grits to scald him, but scratched that. Don't waste the energy. And did you see how the daughter knew. Asking mom to hold on.

Sometimes when I hear of alternative outcomes in real life each day, I think to myself...why don't they just walk away and leave each other to live. It's better than taking someone's life if you're fed up. That way, they both can wake up the next morning.

He'll find a way to blame her no matter the outcome.

Thanks for your kind words.