Mandorians Blue Floral Hat - #Frewrite - Insane Hat - Text and Audio Versions

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It was a Friday and on Friday’s, as everyone knew, Mandorian went for her weekly walk around town.
It was a glorious Friday and Mandorian knew that this Friday would be stupendous. She was looking forwards to her walk and especially looking forwards to saying hello to all the shop keepers and neighbours.

You see Mandorian was very sociable on Fridays. The rest of the days she spent deep in her gardening and Reading and playing her Harp.

But Fridays was always the day she went out and about.

Mandorian got ready, she put on her long flowing floral dress and the shoes that added 2 inches to her height and had a great big buckle. The buckle was just for show but it did look regal.
Mandorian then went to her Hat cupboard and looked in, hmm, which hat shall I wear today.

Her eye was drawn to the bright blue hat that had flowers sewn into it. Oh yes she thought that one will do indeed.

She put on the hat, had a quick glance in the mirror and set off, feeling very satisfied with her selection for the day.

Mandorian had only walked to the end of the street when suddenly there was a burst of rain. It only lasted for a short time but just enough to get slightly wet. Oh dear Mandorian thought but kept walking anyway. I will dry off soon she thought.

Mandorian reached Mr Bluetails butcher shop and popped he head in, Hello Mr Bluetail she said, Hello Mandorian . Mr Bluetail couldn’t stop looking at Mandorian’s Hat, Oh do you like it she said, but all Mr Bluetail could do was blubber and blurt and point at Mandorian’s Hat. How strange Mandorian thought but kept on walking anyway.

It wasn’t long before Mandorian reached Neville Nuances the Newsagent and popped in to say hello. Neville looked up and gasped, what on earth do you have on your head Neville said.

What do you mean said Mandorian, How rude, this is my favourite Blue Hat with flowers?
Flowers Neville said, it is more than just flowers.

Mandorian looked at her reflection in the window and saw that a twisty nasturtium vine was growing out of the hat, Oh dear she thought, it must have been the rain, something has sprouted and is now growing uncontrollably. I cannot let that stop me continuing for the day, I know I will weave the vine into a nice animal shape and continue on my way. She took the hat off and wove a small Alpaca from the vine, put on her hat and continued on her way.

By the time she had reached Helena the haberdashery the vine had grown even more, Helena couldn’t help herself and haughtily laughed,

At Fred’s furniture shop she could hardly get in the door and Fred fell over frightened at the sight.

By the time she reached Trevor’s tool shop she noticed bright orange flowers had now opened up.
Oh, she thought, the hat is taking on a life of its own, It still looks wonderful though as she admired it in the reflection of Trevor’s shiny tools.

Mandorian continued her walk, somewhat hunched from the weight but eventually reached Serena’s Salad Bar she could feel the weight of the hat making her stoop.

Serena looked at Mandorian, what an absolutely insane hat you have Mandorian she said. How did you get that vine to grow, I have been wondering what I can add to my Salads today, do you mind if I pick all the nasturtium leaves and flowers from your hat for today’s special.

Oh, please do said Mandorian, Happy to be of service

With that Serena quickly whipped up a delicious Nasturtium Salad and shared the Salad with Mandorian over a cup of nice mint tea

Audio Version

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I love the hat!!! I am getting into felting now.
I think I might be turning into Mandorian 🤪
Only we don't have such lovely shops and tradespeople here...


Its a great Hat :)

What an amazing story, love the hat and the way each person responded by the hat. I especially love the last person who helped her lighten her load by making a salad from the leaves on the hat.

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I use to grow nasturtiums and eat them, so I REALLY enjoyed this -- the recording was also excellent!