Becoming something more

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I write your skin into the air,
Your lungs brings the song to here.

My heart drums your name into
The sky of my chest & all the birds
Of my mouth flute your praise.

I wander always back to you,
Your grave smile frolics among
The wreathes of your hair.

What flower is not there shading
The sun of your eyes? What sun
Is not there hiding the shade
Of your brow? I'd call you

Eternal but you're finite as
Laughter, two hands holding,
Music, two songs dancing.

I place my lips on your lips,
A place of worship, the temple
Rains the sweet essence of your
Goddess & i, simple as sin,
Prophesy in your holy name.

The earth of your skin is warm
With the volcano erupting within.

I'm not afraid of the lava,
I'm not afraid of the ashes.

O sweet lover, blood leaves
My bones & fills me full with
Thirst. O gentle queen, the
Moon stirs awake too much night
As we lie in the bough of desire.

I come bringing gifts; the bone
Knife of my fingers, the ravine
Of my teeth, the sweet snake of my
Tongue & the shrine of my body.

Let us worship under the naked
Stars. Let us become like the earth.

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Yours always,
Osahon (warpedpoetic)


So many memorable lines here!
This especially speaks to me:

I'd call you
Eternal but you're finite as
Laughter, two hands holding,
Music, two songs dancing.

And I, "simple as sin" - it's all musical as well as memorable.

Thank you so much. This from you means a lot. Thank you.

I was attempting as much to create the sense of music in the poem. It is a love poem which I am not good at.

Not good at--?
You're kidding, right? This is an epic love poem!

🥰😍 thank you @carolkean

This has made me miss love as much as I now hate it. You stitch your desires with words and now they feel like my missing stretched feelings ♡

I like that. To love is to be alive. It is the only thing worthwhile sometimes. To be loved even for a brief moment even if it is a lie at the end.

I'd want to be in a place where I can believe it's worth anything to open oneself to being loved but I have seen myself pour myself into someone only to have them spill me somewhere to die. I may not be alive for a while as loving is also deadly.

There's that. To trust another when all you have received is pain is difficult. The heart doesn't heal as quickly as skin. I understand.

I am afraid I will struggle with that for a while. But I know I'll be fine.

The heart doesn't heal as quickly as skin.

I am glad you get ♡

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