Finding meaning

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The sea, weary as a body leaving
warm sheets, ripples off the shore,
the sand undulating in its skin before shedding the palm leaves,
the sun beams, the foot prints
of lovers going home to dine
on the leftovers of their beach
romance, the sand castles
of innocence, the frisbees
of experience. They all leave.


The body, weary as the bone
leaving the teeth, slips
into earth like fat fertile seeds,
drinking the humid humus
like warm milk to bring sleep,
long sleep; death even,
before growing tendrils of green
prayers towards chlorophyll light,
towards heaven & clouds
& the windy day almost close
to the cusp of night,
before returning home into the body
of welcome still hungry,
still weary, still empty.


The bone, weary as a worn white gown
leaving the shelf, the wardrobe
to grace the wrinkles, the shadows
lurking under eyelids like distant
friends turned enemies waiting
for weakness, for a frail step,
a totter, a fall from grace.
The old sternum of youth fondled
by time's bony caresses unfurls
from the flowering hands
of the past, bending the light
into rainbows of sadness,
of forgetting & remembering,
a ritual of existing beyond
mortality, beyond the distance salt
of the sea, the fiery volcano
of the body, the cold white light
of the bone.


The words to say what it all means;
this brief life, these knives
on the kitchen sink, these eyes
in the mirror, these fading lines
on the skin of things, these lips
that have kissed, these limbs
that flee, this smoke turgid room,
the blunt trauma of waiting,
the blunt trauma of waiting.
What are the words to say
what all of this means?



I will die a happy human if I do when I can stitch words into powerful simplicity like this. Teach me your ways oh dear Master!

the foot prints
of lovers going home to dine
on the leftovers of their beach romance.

It was this line for me ♡

Awww... Thank you. I don't even know how I put them together. I think I look at the link between things and look at the world upside down to get the lines to work

That gives me an idea of what I am now settling into as a poet. The kind of poetry I mean. Oh and they work perfectly together ❤