The Dying Body Chronicles 17: Amor Matris

This soiled earth breathes
to right your righteous fury

battling the adrogyne, she who is father
& mother, because she is worth it.

You will atrophy & her pain will feed
it's hunger, crushing you. You will play

pretend, becoming her empty nights,
talking about everything & she will smile.

She will rise with tomorrow's sun,
cover your back with prayers,

hearing only you. She is your alpha
& omega, & she has made them gods.

This unforgiving life, by love
& through time has abandoned her.

You realise she is broken. Her eyes
filled with memory, her longing

curled on the window sill,
she has no answers for you

when you ask which of them is mine?
You hunger for answers, any answer.

& name by name, she calls them her lovers.
The moon talks to her. Draw near

the window sill, her legs
are on the curtain, her hands

folded under her bosom.
She sits there.