A new Token and Tribe to invest in? To look? Or what really?

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Helo! I arrived!

I still don't know what the main focus here is on this tribe, but curious about the way I am, I'm already exploring after seeing the tags appear and be commented frequently on POB.

I came, I looked, I also checked the discord. I tried to find a main post or a main profile that would give a certain light of how things are here. With that, I saw that the community is not that new. It's been a few months since the first post.

I still want to know what is the best subject to address here and see if I make Broadhive another home of mine in the HIVE tribes.

I am currently focused on LEO increasing my Power, as well as POB.
In parallel to this, I am always with CINE and yesterday I started on Music from the token Vibes.

And thinking about new investments here I am writing my first post directed to the Broadhive Tribe! To find out more about it!

Thank you!


Olá! Cheguei!

Ainda não sei qual o principal foco aqui nessa tribo, mas curioso da forma que sou já estou explorando após ver as tags surgirem e serem comentadas frequentemente no POB.

Eu vim, olhei, chequei também o discord. Tentei achar um post principal ou um perfil principal que desse uma determinada luz de como as coisas são por aqui. Com isso eu vi que a comunidade não é tão nova assim. Já tem alguns meses desde os primeiros post.

Ainda quero saber qual o melhor assunto a ser abordado aqui e ver se eu faço de Broadhive mais uma casa minha nas tribos da HIVE.

Atualmente estou focado no LEO aumentando meu Power, assim como em POB.
Paralelamente a isso estou sempre pelo CINE e ontem iniciei na Music do token Vibes.

E pensando em novos investimentos aqui estou eu escrevendo meu primeiro post direcionado a Tribo Broadhive! Para descobrir melhor sobre isso!

Um obrigado!


I have looked at #broadhive recently, understand that the topic is 'evolution of technology' and 'skills'. You can also stake their token BHT. Check out my discussion of this on the last episode of @HiveCoffee at THIS LINK. I also left a comment with some more information on @coffeelovers post from 15 days ago, at THIS LINK. I reccomend we take some time to compose stories about various technologies that interest us, and write about the evolution and innovations around them. This would help fill in this new community with great content, which will be read by new users over time.

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I have been wondering about BHT as well so thank you for answering this post. With some of the tribes and tokens it isn't always easy to identify their purpose or intended content so this is really helpful!

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@hivecoffee! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @dibblers.dabs.

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I am happy to help. @HiveCoffee has been reaching out to Hivvers and exploring the exciting tribes that are launching! BHT is new so we should take care to set a good example and create relevant posts.

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Interesting subjects and that I also have a certain affinity. I will definitely dedicate myself to writing some things there too.

Ps: I like your mug xD

The topics for this platform are technology, blockchain, crypto, investment and evolution. It seems like a tribe with potential... we just need to organize a bit. I am working on it... it looks like you are too!

That's what I saw too.

It really has great potential and the organization will be fundamental

I've been paying attention and will continue to encourage its use there too


I was about to make my own post asking similar questions but found yours instead! Always trying to find out more about the different communities and tokens here on HIVE, especially as I only discovered the chain a few weeks ago. Thanks!

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@hranhuk! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @dibblers.dabs.

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This is cool!

LEO, POB are very good tribes.

At the same time, for those who have an affinity for films and series, there is CINE, and for songs, the Vibes token.

These are the ones I participate the most today and I met Bhive who I'm wondering if I'm going to keep a little focus there too

I've posted on LEO but I don't have the capability to create as much content there as I would like. I definitely trade and research projects but I want to create good content so I have limited what I post there unless I feel it is truly worthwhile.

I like POB a lot because the subject matter is so open and a lot of great content can be published there... that has been my main home so far and I've posted various things from blog posts and photos to poetry and short creative writing pieces! I may post a few things to BHT too if I can get the right content written up!

Definitely pob is a very large space and the hive itself in general has many communities for us to explore. Keep it up

Hey @hranhuk, please check the posts by the main account: https://www.broadhive.org/@broadhive-org/posts

If you have any questions, shoot on the discord channel :)


I joined the Channel too;)