BroadHive - A Community Immigrating to Hive & Contest

BroadHive is one of the communities that has been showing up itself on the posts of Hiver in the form of broadhive or bhive hashtag.

Contrary to our shining communities such as Leo, POB, CTP, Neoxian or Archon, this is an already existing community that sent some of the community members to provide adequate conditions in Hive ecosystem to come and settle.


After seeing the hashtag on one of @katerinaramm's posts, I started exploring the community. While reading the introduction posts I realized the potential benefits of this community to our growing ecosystem. Currently, I'm curating relevant posts in which broadhive or bhive hashtags used or the posts that are published on the community.

What are the topics you can share on the community?

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and tech knowledge
Vintage Evolution (Review of Vintage products. The evolution of products.)
Staking(Proof of Stake (Next feature))

The token and Airdrop Details

There has been 2 airdrops for LEO and PAL token holders. I hope you staked the tokens 😌
You can buy & sell tokens on Hive-Engine here

The details about the airdrop: here

Who are these guys?

Before creating the content, I asked the question to @bigmain to inform the readers of this post better.

The term broad comes from the original name of their organization: Broadmeans
According to Bigmain, "the community is made up of blockchain investors, developers and content writers".

We decided to build on Hive because of how @darewealth talked about Hive in the community.

The Onboarding Process

Thanks to the complex nature of our private keys and Blockchain Layers, the community members are expected to learn more about the features of Hive. By the mean time, the community is tried to be ready until the rest of the members land in.

In my opinion, the arrival of the members will bring both engagement to the community and volume for the native token.

What's happening as of speaking?


There is an ongoing contest that I'm also planning to take part in.
Please check the post published by the admin account @broadhive-org to learn the details.

The total prize: 2,500 BHT and 50Hive

First: 1,000BHT and 20Hive
Second: 700BHT and 15Hive
Third: 500BHT and 10Hive
Fourth: 300BHT and 5Hive

The use of Hashtag and the related categories:

The interested categories are:

  1. Finance, blockchain and technology
  2. Evolution of products - Especially with visuals 🤤
  3. Show your skills.

P.S. Once the posts are shared on the community hive-162770, the upvote value increases accordingly.

My Personal Point of View

Being a content curator of this growing community, I have good intentions for the future. Since it's already an existing community, the onboarding will both bring new Hivers and a community where Hivers can engage and learn together with the peers. In terms of the interest areas, blockchain, finance, skills are highly popular in the Hive ecosystem. However, the evolution part is quite attractive. I'm planning to create content for the ongoing contest. Why don't you participate in the contest? 😌

If the things go as planned by the team and community, the future is bright for BroadHive community. I'm sure that their actions are appreciated by many people and the increase in engagement will make the community more engaging. So far, I'm delighted with the increasing attention and use of tags on the quality posts by people.

How about you? Have you checked BroadHive?
Will you take part in the contest?


already a member bro, you already know this and i'm trying my best to advertise the community to other users...i dont know why but i believe Broadhive will not end up as a dead-community like many out there on HIVE-ecosystem...
we have to support the community and i'm doing so by staking all my tokens....selling is not an option for me
long-live Broadhive....i wish the best for the community

You are adding value to the growing community dear, I'm happy to have you around with your precious efforts. Thanks a million ^^

Thanks for one more useful post. I've heard of the tribe before and found it interesting. But I wasn't aware there was a contest going on. I wish you good luck in advance 🙂

Dear @damla, thanks a lot for your nice words. Anadolu, Muratk and your several friends are also interested in BroadHive. I hope you would like to take part in the contest or use the hashtag/community for your amazing posts. 😌

Awesome! Thank you all so much for being my friends 😀

First of all, thank you for writing such a nice article about the Broadhive tribe. I've been very interested in BroadHive from the very beginning. Even though I can't reach the airdrops, the BHT I locked down approached 3,000. I will keep locking it up. BroadHive is moving slowly, yes, but it's better than just popping up and disappearing like this.

When it comes to the use of the label or the ingredients made on the label, the number of ingredients that meet the criteria is very few. Let's skip this, the use of the tag is very little yet. I try to rate relevant content as much as possible. However, since my voting power remains high, I am voting for almost all posts using the tag for now. Of course, when the tribe evolves, I will only vote for appropriate content.

Actually, I am thinking of writing an article on this subject myself. But when I saw your post, I wanted to pour my heart out here. Sorry.

I hope we have a good time with @broadhive-org.

This is so great dear, I'm glad to see you around.

You really made me happy with your comment dear @taseli, thanks to the contributions of the community members, we are growing hand in hand.

I hope you take part in the contest. Wish you good day 😊

Yes, I am thinking of participating in the contest. Let's see how successful it will be.

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