How I've Won 1,000BHT and 20Hive. Boosting Your Motivation to Participate in Contests and Challenges!

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🏆 Yesterday, I've seen a hive article announcing the winners for the BroadHive contest, posted 8 days ago here


👉 I didn't even know about it before a Hive friend of mine told me about it and asked me 2 days in a row to participate.
So, when I had some extra free time, I thought of writing about the history of the mouse. That was the first thing it crossed my mind.
My mother gave me 3 main tech things over the years - a pager, a phone, and a mouse. It might not be much for some of you, but to me, those things were gold. Especially coming from her.
I still have that mouse and keep it close, even if I am not using it anymore.

So, I have done my research and wrote about this and it simply led me to win 1,000BHT and 20 Hive. The Hives are already paid, I'm waiting for the BHT, and I might stake them if they won't come staked already.
Here is the winners' article =

Broadhive is a cool place to start posting your articles.
Feel free to give it a try!

Many thanks to @broadhive-org who organized this for us, to the curators, and to those who engaged.
And a BIG hug to my Hive friend who has invited me to participate!


With friendship and respect,



I have missed the opportunity this time. Waiting for the next one

Yes, but you can also always post and make your tokens on your articles, also.

Hugs and thank you so much for reading and commenting!

Congrats to you. I’ve not heard about braid hive, will check it out

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We look forward to having you there :)

Congratulations dear @regenerette, you really deserve to be rewarded with your amazing post.

Thanks for enriching our growing community :)

Have a wonderful time on Broadhive.

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Thank you for the work that you do and for putting up this contest for us!