Are you excited for POSH token launch?

in Quello10 months ago

POSH = Proof Of SHaring the hive content on alternate social media platform has gained pretty attention and now for this @acidyo is going to lauch POSH token soon and it should be on HIve-Engine.

More details about this project is yet to come but its looks exciting to me because I already share my content on twitter. What you think about POSH and whats your thoughts about it?

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Very much excited about POSH for having @acidyo behind it.

Same here bro. Waiting for its launch

Yes, i am looking forward to it.
A token with a use case & value is always a good sign for everyone involved and Hive.

Absolutely right. I am also excited fo this.

I think it's exactly what Hive needs at the moment. We need to reward Hive users better for promoting the platform. The platform needs to grow in order to survive and flourish.

I have seen the posh hash tag going around but didn't know what it was. Now I have looked into it a little and it looks pretty cool. I am looking forward to see how it works out.

Its really cool and I am exciting to see the more details.

I am very much excited.