How many ESTM token we can mine in day ?

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ESTM is token by eSteem app which is recenetly renamed Escency. We can mine these tokens for free through posting, comment, upvote, reblog and refferral.
I want to know howmany tokens maximum can be mined in day? is there any capping..

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I searched for ESTM on hive engine only to find nothing about this token, where could I find the details about it? Thank you

You get this token using esteem (escency) app o ios or play store.. I you need link let me know. I will share.

ok thank you I'll figure it out. At the moment I'm loving dappler 😍

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Mostly I forget to redeem everyday ESTM token, so it is very difficult to say about exact calculation. However when I calculate with others then I found that I am behind from everyone..

Can the token be converted into anything?

No. You just can boost your post with it.

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