Come to STEMGeeks: A Curator's Beckoning

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         Looking to read about STEM-related topics with another token attached to it? STEMGeeks got you covered!

         The tribe picks up posts that have the tags science, technology, engineering, and math. It also looks at stem and stemgeeks as well, though the latter tends to be more for administrative posts.

         As the tribe's name suggests, the token for STEMGeeks is STEM. There is also a miner associated with the tribe with the ticker STEMM.

         This tribe hosted the first Hive Hackathon event last year. The @hiveonboard project by @roomservice was the grand prize winner.

What type of content do we want?

         Many people on Hive has the misconception that STEM content has to be like the academic articles. You know, with citations of peer-reviewed papers and whatnot. While we welcome such content, it is important to understand that it is not the only acceptable form.

         We love to see videos, DIY experiments/projects, or even sharing about things you've found. That is, if you add at least some original thought instead of copy/paste links.

         And for some, writing may not be your thing. In which case, we welcome good collections of STEM-related photos. If you are digital artist, show us the process of how you created your masterpiece. There can be many different ways to show your enthusiasm for STEM.

What if you aren't a content creator?

         At STEMGeeks, we support meaningful engagements between authors and audience alike. The curators reward comments as long as they are do not seem like placeholders to fish for votes. This way, people won't feel compelled to create content for the sake of creating.

         If you don't feel like interacting with anyone, you are free to only cast your votes and/or staking STEM miners. Funds on Hive such as @brofund and @discohedge also distribute them through dividends.

         In short, you don't have to be a content creator or social person to earn STEM.

What type of content do we not want?

         It's tempting to categorize crypto posts under the technology umbrella. However, we do not accept content focused on the price movements or market conditions. TAs are also not what we are looking for in terms of content.

         We discourage daily reports and stats posts as they are. Often, these are repetitive even when they relate to STEM. We already have the community owner account, @stemgeeks, that make tribe announcements.

         Talking about the tribe is fine, but we don't want them to become too prevalent. Bottom line is, if you have to think too long about why your post is STEM-related, it might likely not be.

So, why use the STEMGeeks' front end?

         In your journey through the tribe, you may discover other communities of interests. One of my favorite examples is the Architecture and Design community.

         Posting via STEMGeeks will send your post to appear under the STEMGeeks community. Furthermore, it also allows you to keep 100% of your author rewards in STEM. Currently, there is a 50% penalty on author rewards for content posted not through our front end. The tribe burns author rewards from the said penalty, further reducing the supply.

         This is similar to the penalty that exists in other tribes such as LeoFinance and Neoxian City. This encourages users who want the STEM tokens to use our front end.

What are some features of the front end?

         You can see which author used STEMGeeks to post their content. There will be a small tribe symbol next to their post time stamp.

         Like other front ends, you can promote your post by sending some STEM tokens to @null. Make sure they are STEMGeeks links. Promoting your post may help you become more visible to those looking at STEM content. It's less competitive than front ends like PeakD where you'd be bidding against every tag.

         The curators are usually more willing to visit your posts when you choose to promote it. Promoted posts have blue highlights around them for easier identification.

         STEMGeeks has feature you could use to interact with the community on Discord. This is for those who may feel hesitant towards using a centralized service. Or, if you don't feel like getting a Discord account.


         The rules are simple:

         As tribes evolved, we have moved away from downvoting as a mean to mitigate abuse. At STEMGeeks' inception, we opted for an anti-abuse account with massive STEM stake. This was due to limitation of the system and caused controversies for some. Even when the effect on HIVE payout was negligible, not everyone was appreciative. This was further complicated by the fact that we span across multiple tags. We don't own the STEM-related tags, we only adjusted STEM payouts.

         These days, we are capable of muting individual posts without muting the user. Sometimes, the content may not be what we are looking for. This gives us more flexibility and without the need to engage in downvoting content.

         For grievous offenses, we mute the user accounts from the tribe. A muted user can no longer earn STEM tokens via proof-of-brain or mining.

         Downvotes are now relics of the past in the tribe. It's only used for reward disagreement when our muting abilities are not affected.

Future directions?

         The second Hive Hackathon event is definitely on the table. We would love to encourage useful projects to the Hive ecosystem to debut.

         The ultimate goal of STEMGeeks is reaching out to educational institutions. This is an ambitious end goal that requires a lot of build up and improvements in the tribe. But, we will take it a step at a time.

         In the meantime, you can spend STEM in @dcitygame to obtain some scientists for your city.

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Nice post dear. I recently joined the stemgeeks community and it has been a great experience here.. Looking forward to contributing more... Cheers

Thanks for being part of the tribe!

If you are digital artist, show us the process of how you created your masterpiece.


Are you sure about that?

I never said votes are guaranteed. lol

That's true. I bet if you did, the community would be jammed with all kinds of great content. introduceyourself posts and the 'never-gets-old' "I just powered up some STEM!" classic.

Generally, those don't get rewarded as well, so no issues there. For now.

That "For now" joke never gets old.

is there a community about medicine in the STEM tribe ? not alternative mumbo jumbo, the real stuff

We do see posts from the Natural Medicine tribe if they use any of the tags we listen to.

As for a specific one about medicine, I haven't searched them up. Again, if they aren't using the tags we peruse, we probably don't see them, but their content would be 100% in line with what this tribe is about.

well if a community like that pops up please let me know :)

Will keep you posted.

I did not know about the keeping 100% of author rewards in STEM thing. When I get my 3D printer situation straightened out I will definitely be posting more through The STEM for that content would be worth more than the ecency points posting through😁

Yeah, the current penalty is 50%. We are considering upping it to 75%.

The idea is that if you want the tokens, then come to our community. It doesn't make much sense for people to get the same benefits and never have to step into our tribe once.

I think upping the penalty is okay. There are so many stem posts on StemGeeks that do not use the front end. I don't know the exact ratio of posts through Stemgeeks vs not the front end. That needs to be verified.

I'm sure Marky has the stats.

As for raw number of content, there isn't nearly enough.

I get it. That probably explains the high 51.30% burn figure on's right hand side bar.👍

Its been awhile since I posted a STEM series in #StemGeeks. I will be back into it in no time. (I'm hibernating and planning for #STEMGeeks content for awhile). I love engaging in the STEM community. Having to learn something new is refreshing.

We still see your other posts on the front end.

And yes, I’ve seen you engaging.

You did win 20 Hive for engaging everyday on STEMGeeks in the 1st week of March , did you notice it ? Lol.

Yeah. I did notice that. By the way, appreciated @amr008. I really like reading STEM and that is a good reward for engagement. I'll still engage without it, but if there is a second time, why not. LOL. I am on a posting break for #STEMGeeks after almost two months of straight #STEMGeeks content.

If I start the initiative ( debate kind of stuff ) i will tag you there , hop on and give your views :)

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That will be fun. tag me then...

It always made me curious, is this a community? I think they have their own currency?

It’s a community and a tribe.

The token is on Hive Engine. We’ve seen your work before as well.

StemGeeks really is a great community. I don't post in here as much as I would like to. I have stories built up that I want to write about, I have just been busy with other stuff. Thanks for brining attention to this! It sounds like my worker @iikrypticsii could post some of his stuff to this community as well.

You could always comment. Like I said, it’s not all about creating.

Yeah, I do so much of that over on Leo it would be hard to split my time. I have already let my Sports account slack off. Too many tribes and not enough time!

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Haha do what you want, but don’t overexert and chase that money too hard.

I will try not to!

is photography welcomed

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I don't think so :( since they don't belong to STEM .

There area already other communities dedicated to photography itself.

We do see posts from Amazing Nature or Fascinating Insects from time to time.

So, they can be worthwhile depending on what you are showing us.

I like to take pictures of small animals like insects

You might want to look at work like @borjan 's if you want to submit STEM photography.

Being more of a "personal" and "experiential" type blogger, I have typically not used any of your primary tags @enforcer48.

The closest I come to connecting with the tribe's content still would be things like sacred geometry (which I use in my artwork), and the science behind certain issues we deal with psychology and mental health... and other than that just personal experiences with a substantial scientific component.

Feel free to use STEMGeeks when you want to share us your scientific thoughts.

I glad to see you promote the StemGeeks app. I think it could become very popular, and eventually scientists may even start using it to get their theories out to the public.

That's probably far into the future, but it's a good goal to have in mind.

Kind of like a decentralized PopSci.

I have been thinking about starting a debate post on alternative days . For ex:

Technology vs Manual labour .

Robots vs Jobs

etc etc in which the "For and Against" in the comment section will be of more importance than the post itself .

What is your suggestion ?

You could try.

I hope you find enough interested people to discuss such topics.

I have been a great fan of the Architecture posts made here on this platform. They are not only eye catching but in some cases you get information about whats happening in the vicinity. I never knew that a mall in India has replicated the view of Venice. This was a seriously eye opener. Staying near the mall i was not aware that its such a beautiful mall. So the community is helpful in gathering knowledge.
The second aspect discussed here is the penalty or tax on using other front ends, this is a really required development as it brings sanity to the content.

Yeah, we get to see what other communities have in terms of STEM-related stuff.

I work in IT, and could do stuff about SCCM, but when I leave work I want to leave it there. The bringing work home phase left me a long time ago, and I don't feel anyone will be interested in that anyway.

Dodgy tablets left on derelict sites that when consumed could increase the size of your manhood... well that's at least plausible? right...? 😀

Well, good thing hobbies are on the list.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 48 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Now am understanding this platform well. Thanks for this post

Are you sure?

Very dure. It's helpful